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CSR Core Categories

Establishment of New CSR Core Categories and Priority Themes

In line with the formulation of the mid-term management plan VISION 2017 (to be executed from FY2013 to FY2017) in fiscal 2013, we realigned existing five CSR core categories to specify“ new five CSR core categories” and“ CSR priority themes” with the aims of pursuing more strategic CSR activities and showing more definite direction of the initiatives. We will promote CSR activities in a way to link them more closely to our business activities so that we can create social value unique to the Sumitomo Electric Group.
In the process of selecting the categories and themes, we focused on the two key aspects of“ materiality for society” (level of expectation from society) and“ materiality for the Sumitomo Electric Group” (contribution to problem solution and contribution to growth of the Group). We also referred to CSR guidelines and had interviews with managers in the divisions of the Company to prepare a draft plan, which was revised repeatedly through discussions in the CSR Committee. Then, the final plan was approved to eventually decide the new categories and themes.

Products & Service-Innovation

Our social contribution begins with the development of products and services that meet new social needs.

The Sumitomo Electric Group considers “innovation,” which is to create products with original features and future potential, as a priority theme. Using a wide range of technologies and products owned by the Group, we are promoting R&D activities that can contribute to the creation of a sustainable society.

  • Expand into integrated business fields - Contribution to the establishment of a sustainable society with a new style of electric power and energy
  • Enter the life-science business field
  • Enter the resources business field

Supply Chain-Promotion of CSR procurement

We are working to promote CSR procurement activities in response to market expansion.

The Sumitomo Electric Group currently recognizes three dimensions of market expansion in relation to material procurement:geographical expansion; expansion of risk factors and other issues concerning procurement activities; and expansion of procurement of materials for new businesses. To respond to such changes, we set promotion of CSR procurement as a priority theme for VISION 2017 and seek to strengthen the trustful relationships with our suppliers.

  • Check efforts to perform CSR activities in the domestic suppliers under the control of our Procurement Division.
  • Check efforts to perform CSR activities in overseas suppliers through international procurement bases of our Procurement Division.
  • Introduce the CSR procurement mechanism established as mentioned above into Group companies.

Human Resources-Promotion of diversity

Removing various barriers, we will accelerate the globalization of our human resources and organization.

The Sumitomo Electric Group operates with more than 240,000 employees at approximately 390 companies located in roughly 40 countries all over the world. We have started to actively promote globalization of the human resources employed in Group companies in Japan and overseas. We believe that globalization is not only a part of the CSR activities but also a business strategy to maintain market competitiveness.

  • Introduce a new HR system to show career opportunities within the Sumitomo Electric Group beyond individual companies.
  • Develop an institutional framework to identify executives in group companies as Global Executives.
  • Develop common guidelines for both international and inter-firm mobility.

Environmental Preservation-Prevention of global warming

While making energy saving efforts, we also aim to lower the environmental impact of products throughout their lifecycle.

The Sumitomo Electric Group considers that prevention of global warming is a crucial theme because it leads to promotion of energy saving activities and can also bring about business opportunities. We are committed to development and improvement of energy saving initiatives at domestic and overseas establishments, as well as reduction of overall environmental impact of products throughout their lifecycle.

  • Develop the Action ECO-21 campaign based on the ISO 14001 environmental management system
  • Enhance efforts to introduce energy saving initiatives into overseas establishments
  • Strengthen our capacity to propose environmentally conscious products to contribute to reduction of overall environmental impact across society

Social Contribution-Contribution through Our Business Locations and Foundation

We will promote long-term social contribution in local communities even more and in a wider range of fields.

The business activities of the Sumitomo Electric Group cover a vast range of technologies, markets and business domains, which involve various stakeholders. In addition to social contribution through business activities, we will continue to make long-term social contribution in a wide variety of fields.

  • Develop social contribution activities that meet local needs
  • Establish partnerships with community-based organizations
  • Continue long-term social contribution initiatives
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