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CSR Core Categories

Establishment of New CSR Core Categories and Priority Themes

In line with the announcement of our new mid-term management plan “VISION 2022”, we revised the CSR core categories and priority themes as presented below and also set new main targets including new key performance indicators (KPIs) for fiscal 2022.
We aim to further increase our net sales by 20% from the current level to 3.6 trillion yen under VISION 2022. It is actually challenging to set and declare quantitative CSR targets amidst accelerating market changes. Still, with the recognition that CSR activities underlie our efforts to meet the targets for VISION 2022 and are essential to become a Glorious Excellent Company, the ideal state of our Group, we will enhance our efforts to meet the targets.

In the process of selecting the categories and themes, we focused on the two key aspects of “materiality for society” (level of expectation from society) and “materiality for the Sumitomo Electric Group” (contribution to problem solution and contribution to growth of the Group). We also referred to CSR guidelines and had interviews with managers in the divisions of the Company to prepare a draft plan, which was revised repeatedly through discussions in the CSR Committee. Then, the final plan was approved to eventually decide the new categories and themes.

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