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Electronics / Wiring materials

Introduction of electronics-related products centered on wiring materials.

  • Electronic Wire
    A wide variety of electronic wiring for many applications including computers and computer peripherals, and motors and component assemblies for various appliances. In addition, wires with characteristics including high-speed data transmission and high heat resistance are available for areas that require high performance, such as automotive applications.
  • Flexible Printed Circuit
    Flexible printed circuits (FPC) are made of fine conductive circuits patterned on thin insulating film. FPCs are widely used in smartphones, information and communication equipment and other advanced devices. Through continuous R&D we can timely address the need for miniaturization, lighter weight, and higher functionality in your application.
  • Heat-shrinkable tubing (SUMITUBE™)
    SUMITUBE™ is a versatile heat-shrinkable tube that takes advantage of plastics' shape-memory effect enabled by electron beam irradiation. It's made primarily from polyolefin, fluorinated polymer, and thermoplastic elastomer. Applications include wire and wire harness bundling, insulation, and protection from heat, oil, and chemicals.
  • Nickel Alloy |
    Cladded/Plated Wire
    A variety of alloy wires and plated wires for use as EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) wires, and lead wires in automotive and electronic components. Examples include nickel alloy wires with excellent heat resistance and thermal coefficient that closely matches glass. These are derived from our expertise in alloys, metal composites, and metal surface treatment.
  • Porous Metal (Celmet™) | Electroplated Wire
    Celmet™ is a porous metal with a sponge-like, three-dimensional frame that results in a large surface area. Applications include usage as electrodes of Ni-MH batteries for hybrid vehicles and current collectors in fuel cells. Electroplated wires are used as terminals of electronic components.
  • Thermoplastic Molded Components (Teralink™)
    Teralink™ are thermoplastic molded components cross-linked by irradiating electron-beam. The benefits of sliding grade Teralink™ S include high fatigue strength, low abrasion loss, and low friction coefficient. It has longer service life than conventional nylon and POM. Components such as smaller (space-saving), more durable gears are available.
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