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Human Rights and Lively Working Environment

Initiatives for Respect of Human Rights and Creation of a Lively Working Environment

In accordance with the Sumitomo Spirit and the Sumitomo Electric Group Corporate Principles, which declare respect for human resources, Sumitomo Electric outlines its respect for human rights and establishment of safe and sound workplaces in the Sumitomo Electric Group Charter of Corporate Behavior. In keeping with the Charter, the Company strives to develop a lively working environment where diverse employees can demonstrate their capabilities.

*Please see the following page for the Sumitomo Spirit, the Sumitomo Electric Group Corporate Principles, and the Sumitomo Electric Group Charter of Corporate Behavior. Corporate Philosophy

The Sumitomo Electric Group Charter of Corporate Behavior (excerpt)
  1. Safe, Sound Workplace and Employees' Growth and Development We respect the rights of all individuals and will endeavor to make our workplaces safe, sound and energetic. We will strive to respect the personalities and individuality of employees and support their professional development and careers to enable self-realization.

Human Rights Initiatives

The Sumitomo Electric Group Compliance Manual

The Sumitomo Electric Group Compliance Code of Conduct outlines our respect of human rights and prohibits discrimination, and we are making continuous efforts for human rights enlightenment and education to solve various human rights issues including discrimination and sexual harassment and to ensure thorough adherence to the manual.In Japan, we participate in human rights organizations including the Corporate Federation For Dowa And Human Rights Issue, Osaka. In cooperation with relevant governmental agencies and other organizations, Sumitomo Electric works toward the realization of a society in which human rights are guaranteed for all.

Various internal training programs are systematically organized every year, including position-based training for all classes from executives to newly-hired employees, education at the worksites provided mainly by Human Rights Task Committee members, cross-sectional training by subject, and in-house contests for human rights slogans. In addition, we have set up internal and external sections in charge of consultation and reporting on any human rights violations as well as counseling services in regard to sexual harassment. Sumitomo Electric has also established a system to quickly gather information on any human rights violations and take appropriate measures against them.

System for Listening to Employee Opinion

● Implementation of Questionnaire Surveys of Employees

With the aim of creating a lively working environment, Sumitomo Electric started conducting an annual survey in 2006 with about 20,000 employees (including those of Group companies). We monitor annual changes in employee liveliness, activity levels of organizations and effects of personnel-related measures, and use the results for future planning.
The survey results are published in in-house magazines and fed back to the person responsible for each organization. The responsible persons specifically identify possible problems and continuously promote organization-based measures to solve them.

Informal meeting to create a lively working environment
Informal meeting to createa lively
working environment
● Town Meeting and Informal Meeting to Create a Lively Working Environment

Town meetings are held with the attendance of executives including the President, administrative members and manufacturing site managers. They involve vigorous exchange of opinions on the direction the company should take and problems to be solved, such as how managers should train subordinates and younger employees and how the workplaces should be operated. We also hold informal meetings to create a lively working environment, at which the HR & Administration Department holds dialogues with younger staffs and listens to their voices directly, on personnel issues including progress in reduction of working hours at the respective workplaces, the personnel evaluation system and career building. We use these meetings to improve personnel-related measures, deepen young employees' understanding of the personnel system, and enhance motivation.

Discussion Between Labor and Management

Sumitomo Electric believes that the development of a company goes hand-in-hand
with the well-being of its workers' union members. On the basis of this belief,
Sumitomo Electric strives to address various relevant issues by thorough discussion
between labor and management, each party appreciating the other's standpoint.
The Central Management Council Meeting, which is held four times a year, has been
organized in its history of more than 70 years.
Representatives of labor and management meet for opinion exchange concerning
business environments and managing conditions in this meeting. We have also set
up expert committees of various kinds, such as the Working Hour Reduction Expert
Committee and the Health and Welfare Expert Committee.
To facilitate adaptation to diverse work styles and create an environment where all
employees can work lively with smiles, we are improving various working systems
and reinforcing monitoring functions.

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