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Compliance Hotlines

The internal and external hotlines mentioned below accept inquiries and reports concerning compliance in the Sumitomo Electric Group.

If you happen to know of any non-complying act or any suspected violation in the Sumitomo Electric Group, you must report to or consult your superior, or report to the internal or external compliance hotline of your group company. The inquiry or report accepted by the external hotline will be communicated to the compliance office of the Sumitomo Electric Compliance Committee (including relevant departments), and the office members and the right persons for the specific case will conduct a joint investigation and make a proper response.

  • Any and all information on the person making the inquiry or a report, particulars of the inquiry or report, and results of investigation or responses, will be handled only by the abovementioned parties concerned, and will not be disclosed to persons not involved in the investigation or responses.
  • Any employees, etc., who make an inquiry or report will never be unfavorably treated (for example: through dismissal or adverse influence on a performance review) due to the fact that they have made an inquiry or report.
  • You may make an inquiry or report under anonymity. In such case, however, the scope of investigation or responses by the parties concerned may be limited.
  • Persons not working for the Sumitomo Electric Group may also use the abovementioned compliance hotlines.
◆ Internal compliance hotline <Each company of the Sumitomo Electric Group>

Use the compliance hotline of each group company.

◆ External compliance hotline <World (excluding Japan, China and Taiwan, but including Hong Kong)>
<common to the Sumitomo Electric Group>
Expolink Europe Ltd.
local languages
Refer to the following table. Toll free. Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
State the language you speak. An interpreter will be arranged.(Note that the operator’s initial response will be in English. It may take a while to get transferred to the interpreter.)
Expolink Europe Ltd.
1 Greenways Business Park, Bellinger Close
Chippenham SN15 1BN
United Kingdom
www.expolink.co.uk/for-employees (access code: notify)
Originating country Telephone number (toll free unless otherwise specified)
Australia1800 121 889
Belgium0800 71025
Brazil0800 891 8807
Bulgaria00800 110 44 74
Cambodia00855 23962548 (Local Rate Number)
Canada1888 268 5816
Czech Republic800 142 428
Egypt0800 000 00 23
France0800 900240
Germany0800 182 3246
Hong Kong800 930770
Hungary06800 14863
India000 800 440 1286
Indonesia007 8030 114626
*Refer below for alternative hotline option
Italy800 783776
Korea00308 442 0074
Malaysia1800 885 530 (Freephone number)
1800 805 597 (Alternative Number)
*Refer below for alternative hotline option
Mexico01800 123 0193
Netherlands0800 022 9026
Philippines1800 1441 0958 (PLDT & Networks)
1800 8739 5278 (GLOBE Network)
Poland00800 442 1245
Portugal800 880 374
Romania08008 94440
Russia810 800 260 81044
Saudi Arabia800 844 0172
Singapore800 4411 140
Slovakia0800 004461
South Africa0800 990520
Spain900 944401
Thailand001 800 442 078
Turkey00800 4488 29578
(Freephone number) *No mobile access
00800 4463 2066
(Alternative Number) *No mobile access
Ukraine0800 609 172
United Kingdom0800 374199
United Arab Emirates8000 44 138 73
United States of America1877 533 5310
Vietnam120 11527
*Refer below for alternative hotline option

In the case of a country not mentioned above, you can also make collect call/reverse charge call by following the below steps:
1. Caller dials their country operator
2. Asks for an international collect call or reverse charge to: 0044 1249 661 808
3. Operator will dial the number and speak to an Expolink Operator who will accept the call and charges
4. Country operator connects caller to Expolink, leaves the call and then the call takes place as normal

◆ External compliance hotline <Vietnam>
<common to the Sumitomo Electric Group> (Expolink is also available)
TMI Associates, Hanoi office
1800 6908 (toll free in Vietnam)
◆ External compliance hotline <Indonesia>
<common to the Sumitomo Electric Group> (Expolink is also available)
Jakarta International Law Office (JILO)
Indonesian and English
0800 1 4015 10 (toll free in Indonesia)
◆ External compliance hotline <Malaysia>
<common to the Sumitomo Electric Group> (Expolink is also available)
Wong & Partners
Malay, English and Chinese
1300-88-3808 (toll free in Malaysia)
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