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“Action ECO-21” Campaign

“Action ECO-21” Campaign

The Sumitomo Electric Group is committed to environmental conservation activities from a global perspective based on the action guidelines of the Environmental Policy. To further enhance our advanced activities for addressing worsening global environmental problems, we formulated our “Environmental Vision” in March 2003 and commenced Group-wide environmental conservation activities under the title of the “Action ECO-21” campaign in April 2003.

Environmental Vision
We will establish sustainable business management through initiatives to reduce environmental impacts and risks, to promote more efficient use of resources and to fulfill our responsibilities in realizing a recycle-oriented society by providing environmentally-conscious products and thereby lessening the environmental impacts from use of our products.
(Established in March 2003)
Engineering / Environmental Engineering

To reduce environmental impacts effectively and use limited resources efficiently, we believe it to be essential for us to review our manufacturing principles and promote environmental engineering. We also believe that environmental engineering can be a powerful means to achieve both global environmental preservation and sustainable business growth.

Communication / Environmental Communication

In response to societal demands for discontinuing or diminishing the use of harmful substances, we retain the principles of not procuring, using or discharging harmful substances. We will also disclose environmental information, promote communication within the Group, and actively take environmental pollution prevention and green procurement activities.

Originality / Creative Inventions

To combat environmental challenges, we will use our original technologies to develop environmentally-conscious products and services, and to improve our manufacturing facilities.

Targets of the Action ECO-21 (Phase VI) Campaign

● Period: Fiscal 2015 ‒ 2017

Targets of the Action ECO-21 (Phase VI) Campaign
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