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Sumitomo Electric Launches "S-FREE," a New Brand of Traveling
Cables and Insulated Wires in Electric Equipment and Panel

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November 27, 2019
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
*This press release was originally published in Japanese on November 8, 2019.

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. has launched "S-FREE," a new brand of traveling cables and insulated wires in electric equipment and panel, with the brand concept "Comfort for the site."

As a strategy to enhance the development and sales of traveling cables and insulated wires in electric and panel handled by the Industrial Wire & Cable Div., Sumitomo Electric branded related products under the name "S-FREE." Under the new brand, Sumitomo Electric will provide "comfort for the site" through products with various user-friendly features, such as ease of bending, light weight and ease of terminal processing, while honing its expertise in manufacturing high-quality and reliable products based on technologies fostered by the Sumitomo Electric Group, such as insulating and sheathing material formulation technologies and conductor manufacturing technologies.

Brand Concept

The "S" in the brand logo mark has been adopted as proof of the inheritance of the Sumitomo Spirit, with its form symbolizing the key features of the products―flexibility and softness. The brand name "S-FREE" and the conceptual phrase "comfort for the site" reflect Sumitomo Electric's desire to free users from stress during work as much as possible.


The form of the "S" symbolizes a strong cable in a flexible motion. The way-like curve represents Sumitomo Electric's quest for development and evolution to be realized together with customers.

Products (examples)

Products developed based on the new brand concept include: EM-LFC-SL, a lead wire featuring ease of terminal processing due to the absence of a separator; welding cable with high-strength aluminum conductor featuring improved flexibility as well as light weight; and flexible ecological traveling cable featuring improved utility due to its high flexibility equivalent to general-use cables. Sumitomo Electric will continuously develop and release products with even more user- and environment-friendly features, such as ease of bending, light weight, ease of terminal processing, flame retardant and ease of wiring.

Traveling cables
Traveling cables
Super flexible cables
Super flexible cables
Welding cables for high-strength aluminum conductor
Welding cables for high-strength aluminum conductor

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Electric Wires & Cables, Super Flex Cables:
Traveling cables:

* "S-FREE" and its symbol mark are trademarks of Sumitomo Electric Industries.

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