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Industrial electric wires & cables

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  • Medium-/low-voltage electric wires and cables

    Medium-/low-voltage electric wires and cables

    Sumitomo Electric sells medium-/low-voltage electric wires and cables for construction purposes that are essential for social infrastructure. Sumitomo Electric proposes optimal cable structures for installation locations, and supports worksites with abundant product inventories and an extensive logistics network.

  • Cables for housing

    Cables for housing

    VVF cables are used for wiring of 600 V or less in single-family detached homes and housing complexes, etc. With ease of use and environmental impact in mind, the lineup includes lead-free VVF cables, environmentally friendly EM-EEF cables, and shrink-packaged cables.

  • Wiring units

    Wiring units

    The wiring units are used in hotels, condominiums, apartment houses, and general houses. These products help reduce the electric work period, achieve high quality, and cut costs.

  • Weather-resistant DV

    Weather-resistant DV

    The low-voltage polyvinyl chloride insulated drop service wire was exclusively developed to meet the needs of worksites in Hokkaido, Japan. The highly weather-resistant wire ensures long service life.

  • Super Flexible Cable

    Super Flexible Cable

    EM-SFCC is a low voltage cable with excellent flexibility, allowing easy wiring in cramped spaces for such equipment as photovoltaic generator systems and storage systems.With excellent resistance to both heat and cold, the EM-SFCC can be used in low voltage cable work in place of a 600V CV cable. Available sizes are from 150mm² to 325mm².



    The Automatic On-Line Cable Monitor (AOLCM) is a system for measuring the insulation resistance of high-voltage cables in the hot-line status and conducting preventive maintenance for uninterrupted continuous operation of factories and buildings.

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