October 16, 2018 10:27 AM +0900(JST) |

Tohoku Products Fair

The other day we held the Tohoku Products Fair at our Tokyo Head Office and I dropped by the event during the lunch break. Launched in 2012, the year following the Great East Japan Earthquake, this annual event marked its 7th anniversary this year.

Speaking of disasters, this year has seen a spate of natural disasters in succession, such as the earthquake that hit the northern Osaka Prefecture in June, the torrential rains beating down on western Japan in July and greatly affecting the Chugoku region in particular, typhoon No. 21, which caused serious damage in September, and the earthquake occurring in the eastern Iburi region of Hokkaido. I would like to express my heartfelt sympathy to those impacted by the disasters, including the affected group companies of ours.

Partly because of these disasters, the significance of business continuity plans (BCPs) is drawing much attention from the public. It would be impossible to prepare for all probable cases, but the disasters have made me consider once again the effectiveness of our present BCP, which places emphasis on earthquake countermeasures, as well as the amount of our stockpile and the feasibility of our plans in response to events that might occur outside our corporate group, including accidents in a distribution network.

The best thing would be if there were no disasters, but we need to consider a wide variety of scenarios in order to ensure that no one, including those concerned with our group or our stakeholders, suffer any trouble.

Now that we have experienced such a frequent succession of disasters, I'm asking myself whether we should be holding the Tohoku Products Fair for Tohoku alone. Still, the damage caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake was so devastating that we intend to contribute as much as possible through this fair. Feeling that we should continue to provide such support steadily even in a small way, I returned to Osaka with canned Kinka mackerel (from Miyagi Prefecture) and shijimi clam miso soup (from Aomori Prefecture) that I had bought at the fair.

At the Tohoku Products Fair
At the Tohoku Products Fair
At the Tohoku Products Fair