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Silica-based HNLF (highly nonlinear fibers) are single-mode optical fibers that can be used in a variety of applications that depend on nonlinear effects in the optical fiber. This includes applications in metrology, near-infrared spectroscopy, optical signal processing, temperature/strain sensing, and other types of optical measurement. HNLF are typically used in conjunction with supercontinuum light sources, fiber lasers, and low-noise broadband optical amplifiers.

Sumitomo Electric offers HNLF with varying profiles of chromatic dispersion to match the application. Our HNLF are also characterized by high nonlinearity, low fiber attenuation, and low splice loss. For more details, please contact us.

Related paper: “Silica-Based Highly Nonlinear Fibers and Their Applications,” SEI Technical Review 83 (2016), pp. 15 - 20. Download PDF file