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Sumitomo Electric offers products for a variety of applications in the areas of automotive manufacturing, fiber optic communications, medical ultrasound, semiconductor manufacturing, railway transportation, and wind profiling radar systems. Please select your area of interest for more information.


For car electronics, the availability of three distinct types of interconnects (flexible flat cables, flexible printed circuits, and micro flex coaxial cables) makes it easier to find the best option for a particular subsystem. We also provide heatspreaders for thermal management of engine and EV/HEV powertrain components, and EV quick-charger connector assemblies.



For medical ultrasound systems, we offer highly flexible transducer cables that contain hundreds of signal lines within a small diameter. The cables can be supplied in bulk rolls, cut lengths, or full assemblies according to customer specifications.


Optical measurement

Silica-based HNLF (highly nonlinear fibers) are single-mode optical fibers that can be used for metrology, near-infrared spectroscopy, optical signal processing, temperature/strain sensing, and various other types of optical measurement.


Semiconductor manufacturing

For the thermal processing stage of semiconductor fabrication, we offer ceramic heaters that provide excellent thermal uniformity and rapid temperature control. These characteristics are obtained through a combination of proprietary technologies in heat design, advanced materials, and process engineering.

Environment & energy


Air springs are used in the suspension system of trains to reduce vibrations transmitted from the wheels to the railway car. For decades, Sumitomo Electric has been a leading supplier of air springs for Japan’s Shinkansen bullet trains.

Industrial materials

Wind profiling

A wind profiler radar is composed of multiple antenna units, each equipped with a Luneburg lens. The number of antenna units in the system will vary according to the altitudes to be measured.

Industrial materials