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For automotive applications, we provide interconnects, EV quick-charger connector assemblies, and heatspreaders.

Interconnects for car electronics

To make it as easy as possible for designers of car electronics to arrive at a customized solution that meets their requirements, Sumitomo Electric offers three distinct types of interconnects for automotive applications: flexible flat cables (FFC), flexible printed circuits (FPC), and micro flex coaxial cables (MFCX). This variety enables electronics designers to find the best option for a particular subsystem, based on such factors as space between components, number of components, degree of flexibility required, and cost. All types are designed for durability and high signal integrity, and have a track record of use in automotive applications.

Flexible flat cables are laminated flat conductors that can be supplied in various lengths, formats, and conductor counts. They offer a cost-effective way to reduce the overall size of wiring. Different types of FFC are available for specific requirements such as high-speed signal transmission, higher temperature resistance, or better EMI resistance.

Flexible printed circuits are a lighter, thinner, and more flexible option for forming interconnections with high-density printed circuit boards. FPCs are made of fine conductive circuits patterned on a thin insulating film. FPCs from Sumitomo Electric are characterized by long-term resistance to high temperatures and also long-term reliability under conditions of high heat and high humidity. In automotive applications, FPCs have been used as interconnects for engine control sensors, powertrains, and LED lights.

Micro flex coaxial cables are ultra-flexible cables that have an extremely small outer diameter. Their insulation allows them to be used for low-voltage circuits next to the car engine (where especially high resistance is necessary) or to connect the lead wires of the fuel pump to the fuel sensor. MFCX that handle high-voltage and high-current circuits for electric vehicles are also available.

EV quick-charger connector assembly

Sumitomo Electric’s SEVD™ series is a lineup of CHAdeMO-compliant DC quick charger connectors for electric vehicles. Each model in the series can be easily operated with one hand, and includes safety features such as an automated triple safety lock system that prevents accidental disconnection during charging/discharging. The SEVD-11U is a UL-certified connector assembly with the highest output rating in the series for faster charging. Other models include the lightweight SEVD-02 and the more compact SEVD-V2, a vehicle-to-home connector with a built-in fuse. In terms of construction, the cables are made of a durable rubber that bends easily. The SEVD series can be used in a wide range of temperatures. (Photos from left: SEVD-11U, SEVD-V2)

Heatspreaders for EV and HEV

In electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles, heat dissipation is essential for ensuring the smooth operation of power control units, inverters, converters, and other components. It is also the case for hybrid electric vehicles that heatspreaders are needed for parts in the car’s internal combustion engine, such as fuel injection controllers and radiators.

Available heatspreaders for automotive applications: molybdenum, copper-molybdenum, CPC (copper, copper molybdenum, copper), sintered aluminum silicon carbide. For more information on heatspreaders, click here.