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Siam Electric Industries, Sumitomo Electric's first overseas production base,has grown as a leading winding wire manufacturer in Asia.



In 1969, Siam Electric Industries Co., Ltd. was established jointly with local enterprises, as Sumitomo Electric's first production base of its kind overseas. Initially the company manufactured general-purpose winding wires in the Poochao Plant. In 1992, the Bangpoo Plant was newly established and commenced operations. Siam Electric concentrated its production in the Bangpoo Plant in 1999, and has since supplied high-quality winding wires mainly to Japanese-affiliated manufacturers in Thailand dealing with refrigerants, automobiles, electronic components and household appliances. Currently, Siam Electric has 260 employees, more than 100 of whom are Thai people who have been working for the company for over a decade, 13 employees having served in the company for more than 30 years. Thai managers in charge of plant administration, sales, human affairs and accounting take the lead in company-wide efforts to develop into the world's top winding wire manufacturer.

Siam Electric provides quality control training and safety education programs on a regular basis. In addition, each division frequently holds meetings and discussions, in the awareness that it is important to improve the level of employee job satisfaction in order to continuously produce competitive products. Each morning, "Morning Spirits" is held, an event at which detailed reports are presented on various matters, including employees' physical and mental condition, to ensure better communication.

Such ongoing and diligent efforts to improve quality and employee motivation have led to acquisition of ISO9001 certification in 2002. Amid growing concern about environmental problems in Thailand, the company also obtained ISO14001 certification in 2004. The company's management policy is to contribute to social development through reliable corporate activities. The Sumitomo Spirit is also embraced in Thailand.

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    Siam Electric is the oldest of the SEI Group companies. We have many seasoned local staff members, and have established a system that ensures close communication. To always maintain a "can-do" spirit, the company has carried out the "Challenge 120 campaign": "120" represents productivity of 120%, "1" implies No.1, "2" symbolizes double advantages, and "0" indicates zero accidents.

    SIAM President Yasunobu Sugimura

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    When I joined Siam Electronic Industries 35 years ago, the company had only three machines. Now, more than 40 machines are in operation. It is important to report the latest information regarding production at a morning assembly and to conduct safety management checks. I also believe it to be very important to make daily improvements, i.e., to resolve a problem within the day on which it occurs. To objectively review our own plant's operations, we occasionally visit plants of other companies.

    SIAM Magnet Wire Plant Assistant Manager SAWATH SUKCHUSRI

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    In the accounting division, we strive to improve efficiency so that we can carry out operations more speedily and at lower cost. We also take greatest care to prevent errors and not cause shareholders and other stakeholders any inconvenience, even if we pursue speedier and lower-cost operations. The accounting section is particularly busy in the accounting term from January to February and during the period of stocktaking in July and December, but all staff members share information and work hard together to fulfill their responsibilities.

    SIAM Manager Account & IT Dept. CHOMPOL CHANPENG

* Interviewed in June 2007.

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