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Striving to realize Thai staff-driven management, SEWT has achieved excellent results in quality control and health & safety.



Safety activity (trend in number of work-related injuries)


Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems (Thailand) Ltd. (SEWT) was established in 1994, to produce automotive wire harnesses. In 2000, the technical training center was opened to improve the skills of local staff. Since then, SEWT has doubled monthly shipments every one or two years, achieving monthly shipments corresponding to 400 thousand man-hours in 2006.

The company's management policy gives top priority to communication improvement. We work to improve communication in and outside the company. Employees are selected solely on the basis of ability, regardless of gender, age, academic background, race or religion. The management policy places second priority on respect for autonomy, and third priority on Thai staff-driven management. SEWT management is deeply based in Thailand that the company states definitely that its leading role is played by Thai staff, with Japanese staff taking a supporting role. Under direct control of the President, safety control leaders selected from local staff have taken initiatives in the company's safety activities, so that the number of work-related injuries has approached zero year by year. As a result, SEWT has been awarded the Outstanding Health and Safety Prize by the Kingdom of Thailand for three consecutive years. Concerning quality improvement activities, the number of problems that lead to customer complaints has decreased every year in the company's plants, which aim to serve as excellent model factories. The company's Siam, Amata and Central plants have established management themes respectively, and are now striving to achieve their goals.

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    I consider how to improve labor quality and employee motivation in a plant covering an area of approximately 132,000 m2 where several thousand people work. In addition to strengthening our "PK" (cleaning) activity and checking systems using benchmarking and other methods, it is important to ensure that employees have opportunities to improve themselves by autonomously taking action and experiencing the joy of success. We also strive to organize and establish various rules, attaching importance to diligent operations.

    SEWT President Kunio Ojima

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    As a leader in charge of safety and quality control, I pursue careful management. We aim to keep our plants clean and neat, with a clear theme: creating a humane and female-friendly workplace. By communicating with staff members with respect and enthusiasm, we can detect and resolve problems quickly. I always remain aware of the importance of sharing targets among employees.

    SEWT Deputy GM of Administration Department

* Interviewed in June 2007.

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