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President’s Message
Newsletter "SEI WORLD" Vol. 455

Masayoshi Matsumoto President & CEO

Over the Strait of Dover

On the other day, our group company J-Power Systems Corporation has won a contract with NEMO Link Limited, the joint venture by Belgian ELIA and UK National Grid, for a DC 400 kV XLPE subsea cable system. In this project, the cable system consists of a 130-km subsea cable route and an 11.5-km land cable route, with the cable expected to connect the UK and Belgium.

Our newsletter of this month features this project. We believe that this contract is significant in two aspects. First, we have won the contract for a cable system of the 400 kV class, which is the highest level in the world as a commercial operation voltage for a DC transmission XLPE cable system. The other point is that we have become Asia's first cable manufacturer to win a contract for a long-distance power transmission line connecting countries in EU.

The history of our operation originated from the project of 1922 for installing a subsea cable between Niihama, Ehime Prefecture and Shisakajima Island. In those days, it was unprecedented even in the world to install a subsea cable between two islands located more than 20 km away from each other. It is said that even foreign cable manufacturers hesitated to engage in this project. Nevertheless, we (called Sumitomo Electric Wire & Cable Works in those days) took on the challenge and achieved success. This has led to the subsequent expansion of our businesses.

In EU, from the perspectives of ensuring energy security and realizing mutual interchange of renewable energy whose output is unstable, the establishment of transmission networks connecting countries is being promoted actively. The other day, I went to Belgium and UK on business and held a meeting with the people involved on this project. Since these networks represent extremely important infrastructure, I strongly felt that they have a high level of expectations for us on this project. In view of the fact that the quality and reliability demand for related products and systems are extremely high, this will be a big challenge for us. Believing that a successful completion of this project will lead us to further growth, all of us concerned will work very hard with the spirit of Banji-nissei (Do your sincere best in not only business but also every aspect of your life).

Masayoshi Matsumoto President & CEO

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