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Sumitomo Electric Launches TYPE-72C+, the World's First AI-Programmed High-Definition Core-Aligning Fusion Splicer

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September 4, 2020
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. announces the release of the world's first*1 AI (artificial intelligence)-programmed high-definition core-aligning fusion splicer, the TYPE-72C+.


The TYPE-72C+ offers improved splicing performance, reliability, and overall experience with our new features and technologies, while maintaining all of the industry-leading features of its predecessor, the TYPE-72C, including its world-class*2 light and compact frame, quick splicing, and environmental durability.

The TYPE-72C+ is equipped with NanoTune™ technology, which greatly improves splicing efficiency and accuracy regardless of operational condition and user skill, with the use of AI algorithms. The TYPE-72C+ drastically reduces the need of splice reworks caused by insufficient fiber preparation such as poor cleaving, thus reducing overall costs. Its Preventive Maintenance feature enables users to be alerted of upcoming repairs or consumable replacement, thus reducing unexpected downtime. SumiCloud™*3 supports this function with wireless LAN connectivity*4.

The TYPE-72C+ can splice in 5 seconds in Quick Mode, and has an improved heating time of 8 seconds. In addition to a variety of highly regarded functions inherited from its predecessor, such as the lightweight and compact design and shock-proof, dust-proof, and drip-proof frame, the TYPE-72C+ saves power consumption by 7% with a newly employed heat-resistant material, thereby enabling 320 operation cycles on a full charge.

With the increase in remote work and telemedicine, as well as online learning, establishment of high-speed, large-capacity, low-delay communication networks will be increasingly demanded. The Sumitomo Electric Group will contribute to advanced communication networks by developing and providing new products and technologies that meet customer needs with even higher functionality, expandability, and workability.

Sumitomo Electric has drawn on its 40 years of experience in designing and producing this world-leading fusion splicer. The TYPE-72C+ will be available for purchase this autumn in select regions.

(Previous model)
(New model)
AI programed splice
Preventive Maintenance
Supported by SumiCloud™
Splice time (typical) 5 seconds
Heating time (typical) 9 seconds 8 seconds
Touch screen Available
Splice & heat cycle 300 cycles 320 cycles
Impact resistance Drop from 76 cm on 5 faces
Water resistance Equivalent to IPx2
Dust resistance Equivalent to IP5x

*1 Based on an internal investigation.

*2 Based on an internal investigation as of August 1, 2020.

*3 SumiCloud is a system that collectively manages various information related to fusion splicing on the cloud, and can be accessed via smartphones.

*4 Wireless LAN connectivity feature is not available in all countries.

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