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Sumitomo Electric Commences Shipments of Fusion Splicers to China Telecom

Products & Technologies

February 26, 2020
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. was selected as a supplier for high-end products of core aligningfusion splicers through a tender in December 2019 by China Telecom, a major Chinese telecommunications company, and commenced shipments in January 2020.

China launched commercial 5G services in 2019 ahead of other countries. China Telecom has developed fiber-optic trunk lines, focusing on "eight verticals and eight horizontals" (eight north-south lines and eight east-west lines), and is now updating and expanding its trunks in preparation for the increasing amount of data traffic.
The carrier has decided to introduce low-loss, large-effective-area fibers (G.654.E fibers) excellent for long-haul, high-capacity transmissions in addition to existing optical fibers (G.652.D fibers).

The core aligning fusion splicers being shipped can accurately capture the core of G.654 fibers, which have a different structure from conventional fibers, and were the first to achieve low-loss splicing with precise fusion. Moreover, their high environmental resistance has been highly evaluated, a factor contributing to the success of the tender.
Sumitomo Electric's products provide fast, high-precision and highly reliable fusion splices under harsh environments, eliminating waste, such as rework and interruption due to failure, thereby expected to contribute to the speedy update and expansion of fiber-optic trunk lines across China.

Sumitomo Electric will develop products to meet market requirements, deliver products with high quality and reliability, and contribute to the development of the highly information-oriented society.


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