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Sumitomo Electric Launches the High-Power SEVD™-11U EV Quick-Charger Connector Assembly

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July 4, 2018
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
*This press release was originally published in Japanese on June 28, 2018.

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. has begun selling the UL-certified high-power EV quick-charger connector assembly "SEVD™-11U."

The SEVD™ series is a line of quick-charger connector assemblies used for charging and discharging electric vehicles. Since its release in 2011, this series has been highly regarded for the superior operability, high level of safety, durability and excellent design.

Lately, as the capacity of the batteries installed in electric vehicles has been increasing, there has been a need for faster charging equipment that can accommodate more power. To satisfy this need, the Company has developed SEVD™-11U, a new quick-charger connector assembly that boasts the largest capacity in CHAdeMO-specific connectors, as a new line of the SEVD™ series. SEVD™-11U has obtained UL certification,*1the North American safety standard.

The Company is planning to add CE*2-certified models that meet EU safety standards and domestic models to this lineup.

Features of SEVD™-11U

1. Achieves higher power charging

Compared to SEVD™-02U, the conventional model with an output rating of 125 A at 500 VDC, SEVD™-11U achieves ratings of 200 A at 600 VDC, 1.9 times higher output.

2. Achieves operability and safety

Based on the design of the current SEVD™ series, this connector assembly is also very easy to use and ensures the same high level of safety.

3. Conforms to the CHAdeMO ver. 1.2 standard



Model number EV quick-charger
connector assembly
(UL certified)
(Applying for CE certification)
(UL certified)
(CE certified)
Ratings Voltage
DC600V DC500V DC500V
Connector Operating temp. -30 to 50℃
Approx. dimensions
W(83) × L(350) × H(200) W(78) × L(302) × T(184)
(not including cable)
approx. 1.4kg approx. 0.8kg
(main body case)
Aluminum alloy Plastic
Cable Outer dia. (ref) 43mm 36mm 32mm 29mm
Power wire
Signal wire
nominal 70㎟
nominal 35㎟
Approx. mass 2.80kg/m 2.48kg/m 1.57kg/m 1.45kg/m

For more detailed information, please visit the product site

※ CHAdeMO is a trademark or registered trademark of the CHAdeMO Association.

*1 UL certification:
A certification that must be obtained to sell electrical products in North America.
Certification organization:UL
Certification number:File No. E346717 (Connector)

*2 CE certification:
A certification that must be obtained to sell electrical products in the EU.
Certification organization:TÜV Rheinland Japan Ltd.
Currently applying for certification number for SEVD™-11E

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