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Sumitomo Electric to Offer Power Transmission/Transformation Equipment and Installation Work to Japan's Largest Wind Farm

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May 16, 2018
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. today announced that it has received an order for power transmission and transformation equipment and its installation work as part of the Wind Farm Tsugaru construction project to be undertaken by Kajima Corporation. This onshore wind power generation project is being planned by Green Power Investment Corporation, a major renewable energy operator, in Tsugaru City, Aomori Prefecture, and will be the largest wind farm in Japan (power generation capacity: about 122 MW, number of wind turbines: 38). Sumitomo Electric will undertake the design, manufacture, and installation of electrical equipment including the underground power transmission and distribution lines and the substation equipment.

Recently, many new renewable energy projects, such as photovoltaic and wind power generation facilities, have been introduced. The expansion in the scale of these projects has necessitated solutions for large-capacity and long-distance power transmission. Sumitomo Electric has been involved in this project from the initial phase of planning, and has worked to solve the main issues below in collaboration with its group companies, Nissin Electric Co., Ltd. and Sumitomo Densetsu Co., Ltd.

  • Selecting the most efficient power transmission and distribution voltage
    In this project, electricity generated by the wind turbines will be collected via 33-kV underground distribution lines, boosted to 154 kV, and transmitted to the point of connection with the grid (operated by an electric power company) through an underground power line stretching about 34 km. Long-distance power transmission is accompanied by power transmission loss. Based on its experience and expertise refined through many years of operation, Sumitomo Electric supported design modifications for changing the power transmission voltage from the initially planned 66 kV to 154 kV. This has significantly reduced the power transmission loss and helped lessen the civil engineering work required to build the conduit by reducing the number of lines and the size and weight of cables.
  • Coping with technical issues of the grid
    It was also necessary to cope with technical issues of the grid such as measures against harmonics and overvoltage for long-distance underground power transmission of large-capacity power generation output (about 122 MW). Sumitomo Electric worked with Nissin Electric to conduct the grid analysis and proposed the optimal equipment configuration. Nissin Electric, a leading supplier of AC filters as well as substation equipment, offers not only gas insulated switchgear and transformers but also various types of equipment to solve technical issues on power grids such as harmonic current.
  • Selecting an appropriate power transmission and distribution route
    Sumitomo Electric also worked with Sumitomo Densetsu, an expert in constructing electrical and communication systems for buildings and facilities, to solve issues in selecting the power transmission and distribution cabling route. The project involved a plan to build a long underground conduit extending 56 km in total, including public roads, for power collection and transmission. The two companies conducted investigations to select the optimal route, held consultations to obtain government permission, prepared application forms, and reviewed the civil engineering work for laying the conduit.

Sumitomo Electric received the order due to its capability to solve the issues mentioned above, its extensive product lineup for power transmission and distribution cabling for any voltage, and its superb manufacturing and construction capability to meet the short construction period of less than two years up to commencement of the trial operation scheduled for autumn 2019. Sumitomo Electric will deliver high-quality equipment toward the commencement of commercial operations scheduled for April 2020.

The Sumitomo Electric Group remains committed to offering total solutions using various types of electric power equipment, including power transmission and distribution equipment, substation equipment, and power storage batteries, stretching from power generation facilities to customers, in order to meet the need for ever-increasing renewable energy generation and help achieve a smart energy society.

Sumitomo Electric to Offer Power Transmission/Transformation Equipment and Installation Work to Japan's Largest Wind Farm

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