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Press Release

Sumitomo Electric Releases 120th Anniversary History Movie


August 31, 2017
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

In April 2017, Sumitomo Electric celebrated the 120th anniversary of its founding. Taking this opportunity, we release 120th anniversary history movie.

Since the Company's founding in 1897, we have continued to take on challenges to achieve a prosperous and dream-filled future. In late 19th century, Japan was still heavily dependent on expensive imported electric cables. We decided to break ground with the electric wire business for the benefit of the nation. Starting with the production of copper and silicon copper wires, we played an important role in supporting the development of Japanese industries, succeeding in the first domestic production of high-voltage underground cables and the production and installation of the world's longest submarine cables.

From an electric wire and cable manufacturer in Osaka 120 years ago, we have grown into a global leading company in automotive, infocommunications, electronics, energy and industrial materials industry. In the movie, we introduce the Sumitomo Spirit and historical events of Sumitomo Group and the Sumitomo Electric Group.

120 years have passed since then. With its belief in the great potential of "innovation," we will continue to contribute to the development of Japan and the world, both today and in the future.

120th Anniversary History Movie

120th Anniversary History Movie

Outline of the movie

Length About 8 minutes
Language Japanese, English, Chinese
Website 120th Anniversary History Movie
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