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ENERGYMATE™-Factory Incorporating Sumitomo Electric's sEMSA™ Receives the Minister of the Environment Award at JECA Fair 2017

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August 10, 2017
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
*This press release was originally published in Japanese on July 31, 2017.

ENERGYMATE-Factory is a system that Nissin Electric Co. Ltd. has developed for smart power supply in plants and offices by incorporating Sumitomo Electric's energy management system sEMSA™. We are delighted to announce that ENERGYMATE™-Factory received the Minister of the Environment Award at the 56th Product Contest in the 65th Electrical Construction Equipment and Materials Fair (JECA Fair 2017) on May 19.

sEMSA™ is an energy management system capable of monitoring and optimally controlling a variety of dispersed power systems*1 such as solar power generation equipment, cogeneration systems, and storage batteries in an integrated manner. sEMSA™ updates forecasts of the amount of generated electricity and power demand every 10 minutes for up to 48 hours in advance, thereby narrowing the gaps between the forecast and actual performance. Moreover, with the world's finest mathematical optimization technique, this system enables optimal operation scheduling for dispersed power systems to strike a balance between fulfilling contract demands and optimizing electric power usage.

ENERGYMATE-Factory incorporates sEMSA™ in addition to an integrated monitoring system for switchgear and transformer equipment*2 and in-plant loads in order to control dispersed power systems based on operation schedules as well as solar power generation and power demand forecasts. Benefits include reduced energy costs, peak shaving, and efficient use of surplus electricity. The award highly recognizes ENERGYMATE-Factory as a safe and secure solution that can contribute to global warming mitigation. This product also received the Award of Excellence at the 66th Persons of Technological Merit in Electrical Machinery Awards held on 17 April, 2017.

Sumitomo Electric is committed to providing energy cost-cutting solutions in collaboration with Nissin Electric, combining Sumitomo Electric's energy management systems and dispersed power systems with switchgear and transformer equipment developed by Nissin Electric. Through these approaches, we aim to achieve ¥5 billion sales in FY 2020 from the entire systems.

ENERGYMATETM-Factory System Configuration

ENERGYMATETM-Factory System Configuration

*1 Dispersed power system
A generic term used to refer to a small-scale power source such as a solar power generation system, cogeneration system, or storage battery installed close to the site of consumption to generate and supply electricity

*2 Switchgear and transformer equipment
Equipment used to convert electricity supplied by a power company to a voltage suitable for equipment loads in buildings and plants

  • ENERGYMATE is a trademark or a registered trademark of Nissin Electric Co., Ltd.
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