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Press Release

The New e-magazine "id" Visualizes Sumitomo Electric's Ideas toward Future


August 3, 2017
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
*This press release was originally published in Japanese on July 6, 2017.

Sumitomo Electric industries, Ltd. has established the new e-magazine "id," focusing on the concept of "building a bright future with our customers."

Outline of the "id" website

  • New content
    We introduce our group's products and technologies. We have also created featured articles "projects id," introducing the background, development story, and ambition of our projects; and "The Professionals," focusing on our employees' and teams' passion and belief in their jobs.
    We also include a history section "Our DNA" that introduces the Sumitomo Spirit, which we highly value in conducting our business.
  • Design renewal
    We completely renewed the design using more powerful images and videos to deliver dynamic messages about our business.

Images from the

Images from the "id" website
* Viewable on smartphones or tablets

Concept of "id"

Expressing the business philosophy of the Sumitomo Electric Group:

Innovative Development
Imagination for the Dream
Identity & Diversity

Through the "id" website, we would like to introduce various aspects of the Sumitomo Electric Group.

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