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NCT selected Sumitomo Electric small form factor 10G-EPON System

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April 28, 2017
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
*This press release was originally published in Japanese on February 17, 2017.

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. is selected by NCT CO.,LTD., a cable operator in Niigata prefecture (head office: Nagaoka city in Niigata pref.; president: Masahiko Sawada)to supply its small form factor 10G-EPON*1 system, that consists of FSU7102 OLT (optical line terminal) and FTE7553-BAX ONU (optical network unit).

Sumitomo Electric has the largest share of 10G-EPON in North American market, where 10G-EPON is becoming a major solution for FTTH*2 services deployed by cable operators, and also quite a few cable operators in Japan evaluate its superior quality, reliability and maintainability.

Recently, Sumitomo Electric commercialized small form factor 10G-EPON OLT "FSU7102" with its size smaller than half that of the company's standard model of OLT, and starts to deliver it to NCT.

NCT has installed FTTH system equipped with FSU7102 10G-EPON OLT in the area where the company has migrated legacy HFC*3 network to FTTH network, and began in January 2017 to provide their customers in the area with 10Gbps services, the fastest broadband service in Niigata prefecture. The 10Gbps broadband service is made possible merely by installing a 10G-EPON line card in the FSU7102 OLT and connecting it to the 10G ONU FTE7553-BAX.

Sumitomo Electric will continue to expand its 10G-EPON system product lineup and thus contribute to the popularization and development of even higher-speed, more comfortable and safer broadband infrastructures.

Comments from Mr. Masahiko Sawada, president of NCT.
In line with our policy to cover our service areas with optical fiber networks, we have been promoting to replace the HFC systems in Nagaoka and Sanjo cities with FTTH systems. In addition, we have also been constructing a communication network system in Mitsuke city to newly include the city in our service area. When drawing up the policy, we took into account the recent increase in broadband traffic and the need to prepare for future 4K/8K ultrahigh definition television broadcasting through an Internet Protocol (IP) network, and concluded that it would be indispensable to introduce a communication system having a capacity exceeding the conventional 1G.
Based on the above conclusion, we decided to introduce Sumitomo Electric's 10G-EPON system. Sumitomo Electric has supplied its EPON system to many cable operators in Japan and North America. Capable of splitting into 128 paths, this system enables the construction of an efficient FTTH network. In particular, the FSU7102 is best suited for our network since it is housed in a compact enclosure and saves electric power and space.
  • Compact 10G-EPON OLT

    Compact 10G-EPON OLT "FSU7102"

  • ONU FTE7553-BAX

    ONU "FTE7553-BAX"

1. Features of FSU7102
  • The height of the FSU7102 is 4U, which is less than half that of 10U type "FSU7100s" that are used in large scale stations. Notwithstanding the above, the FSU7102 is also equipped with an L3 switch having a similar redundant configuration. Owing to the above feature, the FSU 7102 reduces the system cost, and also saves space and electric power consumption in the station.
  • Similarly to FSU7100s, the FSU7102 supports provisioning with DPoE.*4 Therefore, the FSU7102 enables the linkage with an existing DOCSIS cable modem management system as well as mixed transmission/reception of 10G and 1G data through a single port.
  • Although the height of the enclosure is only 4U, it can accommodate 6 line cards, and can also accommodate a maximum of 48 10G ports or 60 1G ports. Enabling splitting into 128 paths for a 10G line card, the FSU7102, makes it possible for a maximum of 6,144 subscribers to use the network at the same time.
2. Comparison of FSU7102 with FSU7100
Item Compact type FSU7102 Standard type FSU7100
449W x 500D x 177H mm (excl. protrusions)
/45 kg max.
434W x 334D x 444H mm (excl. protrusions)
/60 kg max.
Power supply/ power consumption 100 VAC/1.1 kW (max.)
2 AC power supply units (redundant configuration)
48 VDC/2.8 kW (max.)
2 DC power supply units (redundant configuration)
Number of line cards that can be accommodated 6 cards (a maximum of 48 10G ports or 60 1G ports) 16 cards (a maximum of 128 10G ports or 160 1G ports)
Number of switch cards that can be accommodated 2 cards 2 cards

*1 10G-EPON:
10G-EPON stands for 10 gigabit Ethernet passive optical network, a network that makes it possible for an optical network subscriber to transmit data at 10 Gbps. This network allows a single optical fiber to be split into two or more paths on the route so that these subscribers can share a single optical fiber for achieving high-speed data transmissions at low costs. A 10G-EPON consists of an optical line terminal (OLT) and optical network units (ONUs).

*2 FTTH:
FTTH stands for fiber to the home, a system for hooking up an optical fiber to each subscriber's home.

*3 HFC:
HFC stands for hybrid fiber coaxial, a system for transmitting data by using an optical fiber cable between a CATV station to a local optical node and a coaxial cable between the optical node and each subscriber's home.

*4 DPoE:
DPoE stands for DOCSIS provisioning over EPON, an industry standard technology for operating 1/10G-EPON by using an existing HFC network management system for CATV subscribers.

  • DPoE and DOCSIS are trademarks or registered trademarks of U.S. Cable Television Laboratories, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries.
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