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Development and Sale of "FB Breakers/LB Breakers" for Low Carbon Steel and General Steel Turning Process

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January 14, 2015
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
*This press release was issued on October 27, 2014 in Japan.

We have developed an "FB Breaker" for M-class positive insert finishing and an "LB Breaker" for light turning that display excellent chip control in processes ranging from finishing to light turning of low carbon steel and general steel. The FB type went on sale in March 2014 and the LB type will go on sale in November 2014.

Problems that can occur during turning of various low carbon steel machine parts, such as car parts - particularly from the finishing process to the light turning process - include difficulty in chip control, chip entanglement with work materials and tools, a tendency for equipment to be shut down or run idle because of temporary trouble, and a tendency for unsatisfactory machined surfaces due to damage to work materials by chips.

The "FB Breaker/LB Breaker" resolves these issues and enables machining in a stable fashion. Chip control of low carbon steel sheeting, in particular, has been much improved over existing products, and this contributes to efficiency improvements and cost reductions in processes ranging from finishing to light turning.


(1)"FB Breaker" for finishing process

The insert rake angle (the cutting edge angle that influences cutting resistance and chip separation) has been optimized in each position to increase chip deformation, a steep breaker wall applied to the insert cutting edge ensures the chip curling diameter is minimized, and excellent chip control is displayed during processes in the low-cut depth, low-feed range. In addition, by setting a large rake angle of 20° and using with a new cermet grade, the appearance of machined surfaces can be greatly improved.

(2)"LB Breaker" for light turning

Chip separation is improved by means of a unique ridged breaker configuration, and stable processing in the light turning range is achieved.*1 In addition, sudden chipping of the cutting edge during processes that momentarily place great load near the cutting edge, such as stop boring, is prevented by a design that strengthens the region near the cutting edge, extending the life of the tool.


FB type 195 items (on sale)
LB type 168 items (on sale in November 2014)
140 items (on sale in March 2015)

3.Sales plan

First year: ¥150 million

After 3 years: ¥600 million/year


Same price as existing product.

(Standard product) FB type DCMT11T304N-FB T1500Z ¥1,030 (¥1,112 including tax)
LB type DCMT11T304N-FB T1500Z ¥1,030 (¥1,112 including tax)

*1 Light Cut:
Indicates the following turning conditions: Depth of cut: 1.0 to 3.0 mm; Maximum feed: 0.2 mm/rev.

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