• LiDAR and Teralink Lens

  • InGaAs Infrared Detectors

  • Optical Interconnects


LiDAR sensors

SEI's wafer foundries, wafer growth, and device fabrication of InP and GaAs based products deliver unique advantages to customer-specific high-performance LiDAR sensors. InGaAs PIN photodiodes and APD sensors that are multichannel 1-dimensional or 2-dimensional arrays can be packaged with commercially available or customer-provided electronics.

LiDAR lasers

SEI's capabilities also provide advantages in the development of customized high-performance LiDAR lasers, such as InP and GaAs based lasers from 850 nm to 1550 nm that are ultra-fast and high power.

Infrared Image Sensors: eSWIR, MWIR, LWIR

T2SL eSWIR sensors

Type II Superlattice (T2SL) structure based on SEI wafer foundries, wafer growth, and device fabrication. The detectors are hybridized and packaged into a camera-ready interface. eSWIR has an extended range sensitivity from 1.0 to 2.5 μm, low dark current, high frame rate, and stable operation. The sensor is ideal for hyperspectral imaging applications.


  • Wavelength from 1.0 to 2.5 μm
  • Low dark current
  • GVGA & VGA available
  • 4-stage TE-cooled


Great progress has been made in the development of MWIR/VLWIR image sensors. Expected applications include Earth observation from aircraft and satellites.

Co-Packaged Optics (CPO)

SEI is a world leader in fiber optic cables and silicon photonics interconnects. We are currently working with customers to develop next-generation fiber optic interconnects that will enable high density, temperature resistant, easy to clean, plug-in compatible solutions for co-packaged optics.


Low profile fiber array for silicon photonics. Guaranteed low-loss coupling to the integrated photonic circuit. Low-profile design fits into QSFP-DD and QSFP28 modules or custom on-board optics.

FlexBeamGuidE is custom designed to meet customer requirements with high-volume manufacturing.

MUX/DEMUX using PLC or TFF based technology can also be added to the FlexBeamGuidE for CWDM and FR4 solutions.