• Multi-Gig Automotive Ethernet

  • C-V2X

  • Connected Vehicle Experiment

  • Millimeter Wave Radar

Multi-Gig Automotive Ethernet Products with Automotive PHYs

Sumitomo Electric is developing Multi-Gig Ethernet connectivity products with automotive PHYs. This is targeted at In-Vehicle Networks that will enable new levels of autonomous driving.

Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X)

C-V2X is an expected solution for safety and efficiency in road environments by Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V), Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) and Vehicle-to-Pedestrian (V2P) communication. Sumitomo Electric evaluates C-V2X units in our testbed and public roads in Japan.


Frequency 5.8 ~ 5.9 GHz
TX Power 23 dBm
Antenna Diversity (RX)
Power 12 V DC

Engineering sample

Connected Vehicle Experiment

Connected vehicle technology has the potential to significantly prevent or reduce the impact of millions of accidents. Sumitomo Electric has been testing in some scenarios to confirm the advantages of connected vehicles while collaborating with external partners in the real environment.

Radar for Detecting Pedestrians

Pedestrian detectors are optimized for roadside modules and were installed on existing poles and arms. They use V2X radio to warn drivers. These detectors have been in use since 2017 in 5 prefectures in Japan.


  • Not affected by changes of weather and day/night
  • Large cover area (40 m x 9 m)
  • High accuracy


  • Transmits 24 GHz radio waves and analyzes reflected waves
  • Distinguished Antenna Design
  • Dedicated algorithm for roadside modules

V2X Solution with Detectors

Driving safety support systems have been operating in Japan since 2015.


Informs signal changes

Supports left turns

Informs if a car is approaching rapidly

Helps prevent blind spot accidents

V2X Solution with Detectors

Newly developed radar detectors for pedestrians and vehicles. Adopting our antenna and logic technologies on our low cost platform. (76 GHz band)


  • Small size and cost effective
  • Optimized coverage area
  • High accuracy
24-GHz band 76-GHz band
Target Pedestrians Vehicles and pedestrians
Resolution 1 m 0.3 m
Antenna Larger Smaller
Status Available (operating in Japan) Under development
Features of radars Not affected by changes of weather and day/night
Features of our product Large coverage area (installed on existing poles and arms) to identify pedestrians and vehicles