Dust proof multi-fiber connectors

  • Air Gap type & Expanded Beam type
  • For Singlemode & Multimode
  • 8, 12, 16, 24, 32 fibers
  • Telcordia GR-1435-CORE compliant (multimode)
  • HALT test has finished (multimode)

Exective Interview at OFC2018

Sumitomo Electric is more than a fiber and optical transceiver vendor. We also have a vertically integrated passive optical interconnects products too! Watch this interview to learn more about our products as well as our latest demonstrations for high density on-board and co-packaged optics.

FlexAirConnecT™ Series Lineup

Expanded Beam

  • Dust Insensitive
  • for Singlemode
  • Dust easy removable
  • Low mating force (3N)
  • IL < 0.8dB (typ. 0.3dB)

MPO compatible

  • Compatible to standard MPO
  • for Singlemode
  • Dust easy removable
  • Low mating force (3N)
  • IL < 0.5dB (typ. 0.2dB)
  • No lens & No epoxy on beam


  • Dust Insensitive
  • for Multimode
  • Dust easy removable
  • Low mating force (3N)
  • IL < 0.65dB (typ. 0.2dB)
  • No lens & No epoxy on beam

The 3 reasons you choose Sumitomo

Custom Capability

Possess All You Need

Proved Quality

Custom Capability

Our ample experiences and knowledge have been giving off various unique optical connectors. Sumitomo Electric is waiting for everyone who gave up to create the connector as you desire.

Previous works

Ultra-micro connector for integrated devices

Ganged housing for insertion at once and blind-mate

Shutter-attached housing to prevent dust

Possess All you Need

From Materials to measurement, we have all capabilities in-house to offer the optimal interconnect solution.





Proved Quality

Total capability in-house and ample field experiences with optical communication offer high-quality but cost-effective solutions.

Experimental performance of 16 MPO connectors

Insertion Loss @ 1550nm, N=64

ave.   0.13 dB
Max.  0.28 dB

Return Loss @ 1550nm, N=64

min.  64.5 dB

Insertion Loss @ 1310nm, N=64

ave.   0.15 dB
Max.  0.30 dB

Return Loss @ 1310nm, N=64

min.  59.6 dB