Mid-Infrared QCL module

The smallest CW QCL module in the world applicable for various sensing in industrial, environmental and medial field.

Sumitomo Electric has developed compact DFB-QCL (distributed feedback quantum cascade laser) CAN module, which can oscillate in a single-mode under continuous-wave (CW) condition at high temperature. This is the world’s smallest CW QCL module, and is expected to find a wide range of applications as a light source for high-speed sensing in industrial, environmental, and medical fields.

Why you choose SUMITOMO's new CAN modules

Low power consumption

Downsizing of heat dissipation package

Module size & cost reduction

Drastic size reduction using CAN-package

Typical Characteristics

Good CW & Single-mode Operations up to High-temp.

【TEC-included CAN (7μm)】

【TEC-included CAN (5μm)】

【TEC-less CAN (7μm)】

Module Configuration

TEC-less CAN module (φ5.6mm)

Drawing data

TEC-included CAN module (φ15.4mm)

Drawing data

Dedicated mount for TEC-inclued CAN module

Drawing data

Wavelength Lineup

Wavelength Wavenumber Target Gas Spec Sheet
5.2 μm 1900 cm-1 NOx Download
7.1 μm 1397 cm-1 SO3 Coming soon
7.2 μm 1377 cm-1 C3H8 Download
7.3 μm 1355 cm-1 SO2 Download
7.4 μm 1346 cm-1 CH4 Download

* Please contact us if QCLs having other emission wavelengths are needed.

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