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We believe the success of ESC depends ultimately on the performance of our employees. Hiring individuals with good work ethics, positive attitudes, and a philosophy of continuous self-improvement will allow ESC to continue to be successful well into the future.

We offer competitive wages, exceptional medical, dental and vision plans, life insurance and short- and long-term disability policies. Our 401k retirement plan offers a strong company match to help you plan for the future.

We accept applications and resumes on-site daily using a locked mail box located outside the visitor entrance, which allows pick up and drop off of applications 24/7. In addition, applications are accepted at the North Carolina Workforce Development Office (NC Works).

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Safety & Health

As a Sumitomo Electric Group company, Engineered Sintered Components places safety as the top priority for our manufacturing facility. Taking care of our employees is our ultimate responsibility.

Through our continuous improvement activities to create the safest work environment possible, ESC has received 12 consecutive Gold Awards, and was recognized in 2019 for 2 Million Hours Worked Without a Lost Time Injury Award by the North Carolina Department of Labor.

ESC also houses an on-site clinic for our employees and their families to support wellness programs and routine medical evaluations.

Safety Policy

Responsibilities for safety and health are shared between all levels of employment:

Engineered Sintered Components’ management is responsible for leadership of the safety and health program, for its effectiveness and improvement, and for providing the safeguards required to ensure safe conditions.

Supervisors are responsible for developing the proper approach and attitude toward safety and health in those they supervise, and for ensuring that all operations are performed with the highest regard for the safety and health of all personnel involved.

Employees are responsible for participating in all aspects of the safety and health program by complying with rules, providing input and effort towards improving safety and health, by continuously practicing safety while performing all duties, and following their individual commitment to safety.

12th Consecutive Gold Award

ESC received our 12th Consecutive Gold Award in May of 2019. The Gold Award is presented by the North Carolina Department of Labor to companies whose DART rate (days away, restricted or transferred from their duty due to an incident) is 50% or less of the industry average.

2,000,000 Hour Award

ESC received a 2,000,000 Hours Award in May of 2019. This award is presented by the NC Department of Labor to companies who have worked a total of 2,000,000 hours without a lost time injury.


Employee wellness is an important part of the Engineered Sintered Components philosophy. ESC has a convenient on-site health clinic that provides free wellness and health screenings to our employees and their families. Our employees agree that the ESC Clinic is one of the best benefits we have to offer. Our clinic features two Family Nurse Practitioners, an LPN, and a Industrial Masseuse five days a week.

We encourage employees participate in all of our on-site activities, and attend community functions: 5K’s, Yoga in the Park, blood drives, annual health fair with over 30 vendors, monthly wellness activities, daily stretching exercises are just a few of the examples we promote. These functions promote a healthy lifestyle and are ways to connect with family, friends and co-workers and relieve stress.

Robust Training Programs

ESC understands how employee training is an investment in their future within the company. Proper training is a key component of employee safety, productivity, satisfaction and morale. With sufficient training, our employees will help our company grow and prosper.

Our training targets not only technical items, but also “soft skills” having to do with behaviors and work ethics in the workplace. The creation and maintenance of a learning environment contributes to continuous improvement in all things, both technical and behavioral.

Standardized training we offer our employees

Responsibilities for safety and health are shared between all levels of employment:

Gauge Training - This class focuses on specific measurements the operator will experience in their assigned role. Each will participate in hands-on applications to ensure measurements are being performed properly. This course not only explains measurement method, but also why these individual characteristics are important.

SPC/QDA Training - Statistical Process Control classes are taught to employees in all departments to guide them through basic statistical concepts and terminology. Interactive class examples show why SPC is an effective and useful tool in reducing or eliminating defects thus reducing the cost of quality.

To drive SPC initiatives, we track our plant floor measurements through an automatic data acquisition system for real-time feedback. Each operator is trained on how their measurements are integrated into this system to deliver error-proof variable and attribute data.

Defect Recognition Training - Defect recognition is covered with each employee so they can recognize common terms and customer criteria for their specific parts. All operators at a final process prior to shipment, are required to be certified for defect detection under simulated processing times. This certification is renewed annually as refresher training for each of these individuals.

Training Effectiveness - We have a focused approach to training that utilizes standard materials with a layered auditing process to verify effectiveness. This allows us to reduce variations typically seen when multiple trainers are utilized. Each department’s training is broken down into 4 levels to support this activity. Using this approach, we can catch issues in the training process early and adapt accordingly to ensure successful results.

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