Automotive Components

Automotive Industry Applications

Engineered Sintered Components has developed a diverse portfolio of products for the automotive industry, supplying high volume, quality parts to support design advances requiring lighter components and improved fuel economy. As the industry focus now shifts toward electrification, ESC is pleased to support this innovation with our extensive experience, engineering capabilities, and proven technology.

Automotive Components

Variable Valve Timing Components (VVT Components)

ESC specializes in the manufacture of these high-precision VVT components (also referred to as variable cam timing or cam phasers). Through the use of advanced manufacturing techniques and specialized equipment, ESC can manufacture these components totally in-house while maintaining tolerances considered some of the tightest in our industry. This, accompanied by our extensive knowledge and experience, puts ESC in a position to offer our customers a quality product at a competitive price.


ESC has the ability to supply our customers with oil pump rotors using patented profiles developed and owned by Sumitomo Electric Industries or utilizing a design provided by our customer. ESC has extensive experience supplying components for hydraulic pumps, engine oil pumps, transmission oil pumps, and start-stop auxiliary smart pump applications.

Valve Train Components

ESC's initial manufacturing base was with valve guides and valve seat inserts. Over the years, ESC has continued to excel, especially in applications requiring specialized material development. This has become increasingly important as engines have continued to push the envelope on performance with challenging heat generation in the valve train.

Sensor Rings

ESC has automated systems that complement the manufacture of these components with challenging geometry and susceptibility to handling defects. ESC has experience supplying this family of parts with both iron and high corrosion-resistant stainless steel materials in a variety of sizes. While supplying a cost-effective solution for these components, ESC has in-house vacuum sintering and automated inspection systems to ensure the quality of the key characteristics.

Sprockets and Pulleys

Many of ESC’s Variable Valve Timing (VVT) components are a combination of a sprocket with a mating VVT unit. In addition, ESC also excels in the production of various sprockets and pulleys for chain drive and belt drive systems. Providing all processes in-house, along with our automated inspection systems designed to maintain the highest levels of quality, sets us apart from the competition on these components. As the industry is moving toward transmission designs requiring more stringent cleanliness specifications, ESC has developed processes that meet these new requirements to keep us at the forefront of this trend.

Machining & Capabilities

Engineered Sintered Components has successfully built a solid reputation as a top supplier for providing precision machined product with the most challenging specifications in the powdered metal industry. In addition, we are vertically integrated with all heat treatment and other secondary operations in-house. By implementing state of the art process control systems, specialized in-line inspection systems, and the most accurate laboratory measurement equipment available, ESC is able to provide the highest quality product to our customers.

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