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PhilosophyOur Philosophy towards the Next Generation of Connectors


Revolutionizing the Field with the Most Reliable Optical Fiber Connector

The world requires optical fiber communication infrastructure.
The availability of high-speed and stable internet allows people to access the future.

It contributes to a country's development, helps solve various social issues, and provides initiatives for tackling environmental challenges, which leads to the creation of a sustainable future from a variety of angles.
The Lynx-CustomFit™ Splice-On Connector is one device helping to illuminate this future.
The development of optical fiber communication infrastructure is supported by the efforts of workers in the field. That is why we want to contribute even more to the on-site connecting of optical fiber communication infrastructure.
Thoroughly designed from the perspective of workers in the field and crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our Japanese quality optical connectors are the ultimate partner for workers on-site, and we are now delivering them worldwide.
They achieve work with higher quality, efficiency, and simplicity for everyone, and reduce time, costs, and environmental impact, thereby bringing a revolution to business.
This is the Lynx-CustomFit™ Splice-On Connector.
In our pursuit of unleashing the true potential of optical fiber connectors, there is no compromise or end goal.

High QualityHigh Quality

Factory-grade quality right in the field.
Now, high-quality installation can be achieved by anyone, anywhere, at any time.

The quality of Splice-On Connectors depends on both the product and the assembly process. That is why we have developed an optical fiber connector that is not only of high product quality but also astonishingly user-friendly, allowing for easy and high-quality installation.
Sumitomo Electric enhances the quality of its products through technology and innovative ideas, anticipating and eliminating causes of failure in advance. Even in the improvement of our packaging, we make meticulous considerations for both quality and user-friendliness. A surprising amount of attention to detail has been paid to and packed in this small product. Despite being field-installable, it achieves a level of quality equivalent to that of being assembled in a factory.

Eliminate WasteEliminate Waste

Efficiency and eco-friendliness realized simultaneously.

With Lynx-CustomFit™, no special training is required before operation. Even first-time users can harness its performance instantly, leading to a reduction in man-hours and labor costs. There is no need for prior surveys either. Operation is simple and efficient, saving the user time.
Lynx-CustomFit™ enables cable management without requiring excess length and eliminates the need to stock various types of connectors in large quantities. Naturally, this leads to reduced transportation costs as well as CO2 emissions during transport. Due to its durability, there is also less need for frequent on-site repairs. Choosing Lynx-CustomFit™ not only increases operational efficiency but also contributes to environmental sustainability. We approach product development from the broadest perspective, aiming to address multiple challenges and explore what is possible.


Enhance the reliability of your business,
and eliminate any worries about being short on labor.

Lynx-CustomFit™ eliminates the need for clients to have to wait for extended periods until construction can commence and relieves the hassle of troublesome rework. Using Sumitomo Electric's Lynx-CustomFit™ results in faster completion of tasks and a reduction in errors, as attested by operators from construction sites worldwide. This not only reduces the burden on workers but also allows for the swift and high-quality response to customer requests. It provides powerful support in enhancing the reliability of your business and in benefiting both on-site workers and business owners.


Delivering ultimate Japanese quality with the best team available.

We are a group of creative technicians who pay meticulous attention to every detail. This is because we all share the passion and desire to contribute to eliminating the world's digital divide and making society better. United with colleagues from around the world, we form one team, who listens to operators from various job sites and relentlessly pursues the creation of products that truly assist workers. We engage in constant discussions for product evolution, generate new technologies, and continue to challenge ourselves. With well-thought-out designs, a focus on micro-level quality, and a commitment to achieving zero defects in our manufacturing, we deliver to the world groundbreaking and high-quality products that are unique to Sumitomo Electric.

The EndlessPursuit of New Challenges

By introducing Splice-On Connectors to more sites, we can accelerate the creation of a sustainable future in collaboration with construction operators worldwide.

Optical fiber communication infrastructure enables people to receive education from anywhere, revolutionizes the way we work, helps countries and regions develop, and reduces environmental burdens, thereby contributing to the enrichment of life for all as well as to the advancement of our planet's future.
That is why we want to be a significant force for the workers worldwide who connect our optical fiber communication infrastructure. We continually explore what more we can achieve through technology and ideas. By evolving our products, we aim to realize better outcomes for everyone. We maximize our efforts as a manufacturer to contribute to the needs of workers in the field, forging partnerships to pave the way for the future. With this commitment, we strive to create reliable products and embark on new challenges for the future each day.

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