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Contributing to the Earth's Environment through Our Business

We are committed to the advancement of a "Green Society" and the evolution of info-communication, by strengthening our efforts towards sustainability. Through our business, we aim to achieve mutual prosperity with society and contribute to creating a better social world and environment for all. With Lynx-CustomFit™, we strive to make a positive impact on the Earth's environment through our business activities.

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One of the advantages of Splice-On Connectors is that no excess cable length is required.
In other words, they eliminate the need for unnecessarily long optical fiber cables, preventing the needless disposal and consumption of a large amount of excess cable.

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Reduction in packaging volume also helps decrease logistics costs and reduces CO2 emissions.
This contributes to your company's commitment to a sustainable society and the SDGs.


We are dedicated to promoting and disseminating high-quality optical fiber communication infrastructure worldwide and feel it is our mission to contribute to creating a better society.

Through optical fiber communication infrastructure, we can address various societal issues such as education, healthcare, and the economy, regardless of where people live. Our mission is to develop and manufacture Lynx-CustomFit™ as a tool to accelerate this progress and deliver it worldwide. Creating a more prosperous future through sustainable manufacturing is not just a special effort we have taken but a natural and necessary outcome, considering the role of this tool in paving the way for a sustainable future.

Using Lynx-CustomFit™ not only enables the speedy completion of high-quality optical fiber installation but also simultaneously achieves reductions in operator workload, man-hours, installation costs, excess inventory, waste, and CO2 emissions during the transportation and movement of products. We steadfastly work to be friendly to both people and the environment, and are making this a reality. This is the essence of Sumitomo Electric's product creation and manufacturing. We will continue to challenge ourselves through technology in order to create a Green Society and a safe and comfortable living environment for all.

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