High Definition Core Aligning
fusion splicer
Advanced, Adept, Assured


  • Excellent

    Faster Splicing 5s / Heating 9s
    Splicing loss SMF 0.01dB(Typical)
    Fully optimized dual independent ovens

  • User Friendly

    Touch panel operation with brand-new UI
    Smartphone-like easy operation

    Long-life battery for 300 splice & heat cycles

  • High Environment

    IPx2 water protection, IP5x dust protection
    Work at 6000m, 76cm drop on 5 faces


Six points

  • Compact, Lightweight & Faster

    • 2.2kg with battery for 300 splice & heat cycles
    • Faster 5s splice in SM Quick Mode
    • Reduced 9s heat shrink time
  • Brand-new touch panel and UI

    • Wide and high resolution touch panel
      -5" touch screen color LCD display
    • Smartphone-like easy operation
  • Improved Environmental Durability

    • IPx2 water protection
    • IP5x dust protection
    • Splice at 50°C
    • Work at 6000m
    • 76cm drop on 5 faces
  • Dual ovens with flexible clamps

    • Independent
    • Fast-heating 9s
    • Productive
    • Programmable
    • User selectable clamp operation
  • Wireless LAN
    connectivity to

    • The world-first fusion splicer with Wireless LAN Connectivity
    • SumiCloud™ smartphone App. to support splicing job
    • WLSD card brings SumiCloud™ services to your splicer via our smartphone App.
  • Video Tutorial

    • Video tutorial to help splicing job
    • SumiCloud™ App. to watch tutorial video on smartphone


Accessories for splicer Accessories
Part name Part No. Part name Part No.

Wireless LAN SD card

fiber cleaver

Fiber holder

Fibre cleaver

Jacket remover

Battery pack

Loose tube

  • LTC-01

Battery charger

Alcohol dispenser

Car battery cable

Fiber protection sleeve

V-groove cleaning brush


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