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Saw Wire

Saw wire, ranging from 70 to 200 μm in diameter, is brass coated high tensile high carbon steel wire and used in cutting process with wire saw machines that is essential process for cutting solar cells, silicon ingot slicing to obtain semiconductor wafers and cutting quartz crystals. Saw wire is required some characteristics; i.e. smaller change in wire cast between before and after used is one of them, so that higher cutting performance is obtained. At the same time, the request for smaller diameter with higher tensile strength wire is increasing in order to reduce kerf loss. To meet theses demands, we apply the technologies, which are established through the piano wire and steel cord manufacturing, to saw wire.

Saw wire used in a wire saw machine

Saw wire used in a wire saw machine

Characteristic Features of Saw Wire

Mechanical Properties

Nominal Diameter
Tensile Strength(N/mm²) Tolerance(mm)
Normal Grade High Tensile Stress Grade Normal Type Precision type
0.07 - 3600-4000 ±0.003 ±0.001
0.08 - 3550-3950
0.09 3150-3500 3500-3900
0.10 3100-3450 3450-3850
0.12 3050-3400 3400-3800
0.14 3000-3350 3350-3750
0.16 2950-3300 3300-3700
0.18 2900-3250 3250-3650
0.20 2850-3150 -
  • ※If requested the wire having tensile strength not shown above can be provided.


Type of packing:Bobbin
Net weight:1~100kg/bobbin

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