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Creation of Jobs


Located in the northwestern corner of the African continent, the Kingdom of Morocco maintains friendly relationships with European countries and sustains smooth economic development and political stability under the reign of His Majesty the King Mohammed VI. Blessed with a wealth of human resources, the country serves as a main base for the production of automotive wiring harnesses in Africa. Hiring more employees than any other private companies in Morocco, the Sumitomo Electric Group contributes to the local community through job creation.

Creation of Jobs

Morocco is our production base to deliver wiring harnesses to Europe. Creating the largest number of jobs among private companies in the country, the Sumitomo Electric Group is contributing to the local community.

Our Group's business development in Morocco was launched by buying the wiring harness business and factories of an Italian firm in 2001 to establish SEWS-CABIND S.P.A (SEWS-CI) as well as SEWS-CABIND MAROC S.A.S (SEWS-CM) as its subsidiary. In 2006, we acquired a German company to set up Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze GmbH (SEBN) and its subsidiary SE Bordnetze Morocco S.A.R.L. (SEBN-MA), and in 2007, we found SEWS-Maroc S.A.R.L. (SEWS-M) as a subsidiary of Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems (Europe) Ltd. (SEWS-E) in the UK. Thus, we have continuously expanded our wiring harness business in Morocco to deliver the products to Europe. We currently operate eight plants, most of which are located in major cities of the country, and hire approximately 18,000 people.

Eight plants in Morocco

Eight plants in Morocco provide secure employment
as well as excellent welfare benefits

Received Wissam-Al-Alaoui (medal) for recognition of contribution to national development

Only approximately 14 km (at the shortest distance) away from Spain on the other side of the Mediterranean Sea, Morocco has close relationships with Europe in both geographical and economic terms. Three Europe-based wiring harness manufacturing companies of the Sumitomo Electric Group currently operate eight plants in total in Morocco, which are making contributions to the country by creating many jobs.
The wiring harness industry is known for a high percentage of female employees. In Morocco in general, the employment rate of women is as low as less than 40% of the employment rate of men. Our Group currently employs 14,398 women and 3,590 men in total in the country and provides them with stable jobs and rich welfare benefits. Such commitment has been recognized as contribution to national development, and Masayoshi Matsumoto, our President, had the honor to receive Wissam-Al-Alaoui (medal) from the country's beloved king, His Majesty the King Mohammed VI, in 2011. Except for Japanese ambassadors to Morocco, he is the first Japanese to receive the medal.

Launched a wide range of Group-wide initiatives beyond the borders between plants

To ensure that we can recruit the best human resources in the Moroccan car parts industry, which has been growing continuously in recent years, it is essential to improve welfare benefits and create a corporate climate that motivates employees. Personnel sections therefore play key roles in these issues.
The Sumitomo Electric Group has promoted various cross-organizational initiatives for the plants of the three Group companies operating in Morocco since the beginning of the 2010s. They are original initiatives tailored to the specific circumstances of Morocco, widely ranging from measures related to the working environment including joint agreements with bus companies, cafeterias and cleaning companies, to administrational measures including sharing of a common IT system and administrative procedure tools, as well as measures based on our long-term perspective such as development of a training system and submission of proposals on educational reform to the government. Meetings attended by all HR staff of the companies have been held for 10 times over the two years from 2013. Thus, the three Group companies operating in Morocco have been steadily generating greater synergy.

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