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"Made in Hokkaido" products are born in the local environment and delivered to various parts of Japan.


Tsuyoshi Niiyama President

Takahisa Hiura General Manager, Electric Wire Division & Naie Plant Manager

Hokkaido Electric Industries began operation in 1987 as the only electric power cable & wire manufacturer in Hokkaido, through joint investment by Sumitomo Electric and the Hokkaido Electric Group. The company annually manufactures 5,000 km of electric wires including snow-proof low windpressure electric distribution wires, which are suitable for the climate in Hokkaido.

In 1992, the company developed a clean and environmentally friendly electric heater "Dankichi-kun" jointly with Hokkaido Electric Power and Sumitomo Electric, which has become a leading product. Using the mechanism of storage heaters, which are popular in Europe, and adjusted to the Hokkaido specifications, this product is economical because heat is stored during the nighttime when the electricity charges are lower. Encouraged by the diffusion of houses fully operated by electricity throughout Japan, the sales of the product is increasing in Tohoku, Hokuriku and North Kanto, and even in Kansai, which has relatively warm weather. Until now, 150,000 units have been shipped, and we have just made additional capital investment for increasing production. The company is working for contribution to the local society and economy through such business activities. Specifically, the approximately 200 kinds of parts are procured preferentially from local suppliers, and employment of local residents is given priority in recruitment.

As a result of our environmental measures, wastage was reduced by 50% each year from 2006. We also promote energy saving activities mainly through recycling and energy saving in heating. Employees are encouraged to interact with the local community by, for example, joining street cleaning activities in the town.

As a young company celebrating the 20th anniversary this year, we consider human resources development the main challenge of the future.

* Interviewed in May 2008.

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