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SEI CSR Report 2011

SEI CSR Report 2011

We are pleased to invite you to view and download the 2011 edition of our CSR Report. We have taken special care to make this a rich and further improved report. Here are some of its main features:

The special "SEI CSR EYE" takes up R&D as the locomotive power supporting Sumitomo Electric's sustainable growth as a manufacturer, introducing activities at the NEXT Center, whose objective is to develop innovative technologies that will give shape to the Group's next-generation business activities, as well as the Micro Smart-Grid Demonstration System as a concrete example of our R&D.

The CSR Report also carries the complete text of “Sumitomo Electric Group Global HRM Policy," which states the Group's basic idea of human resource management (HRM) in view of its global growth and development.

Moreover, we report on our recently inaugurated activity for biodiversity, and introduce social contribution activities by Group companies outside Japan, as featured on the Sumitomo Electric Group Citizenship Activity "Smile Relay" blog, in which staff members of Group companies across the globe relate their local community-oriented activities.

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