Lynx-CustomFit™ Field assembly Splice-On Connector

Fusion spliced SC, LC, ST, FC and MPO field installable fibre optic connectors.


Adapting splicing technology, Lynx-CustomFit™ Splice-On Connectors provide highly reliable optical connector on site.
Optimize the cable length as exact length, Lynx-CustomFit™ Splice-On Connectors solve cable snarl, slack in the floor, trays, and racks, moreover contribute to improve air-conditioning efficiency.


Area of Application: Lynx-CustomFit™

Area of Application: Lynx-CustomFit image

Products Lineup

Lynx2-SC Lynx2-LC Lynx2-FCM Lynx2-ST
Interface standard IEC61754-4 IEC61754-20 IEC61754-13 IEC61754-2
Insertion Loss
(against master plug)
SMF: Ave, 0.2dB, Max. 0.3dB
MMF: Ave. 0.1dB, Max. 0.25dB
Return Loss
(against master plug)
SMF: ≥ 60dB(APC), ≥ 55dB(UPC)
MMF: ≥ 30dB(PC)

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