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Answering Our Customers' Needs with Japanese-quality New Technologies that No One Else can Imitate.


Sumitomo Electric's Lynx-CustomFit™ embodies Japanese quality. Our thorough commitment to zero defects through precision design and manufacturing processes is achievable specifically because of Sumitomo Electric's technologies and people. In both product development and production, we prioritize high quality and perfectly finished products.

Our factory is dedicated to providing value to society and the environment not only through its products but also through technological innovation, the pursuit of quality, and the practice of social responsibility. We strive to fuse unsurpassed quality and intricate technologies in our manufacturing. The high performance capabilities of Lynx-CustomFit™, in particular, are supported by the exceptional quality created by every employee involved in our products.

To achieve this performance, we strive daily to deliver the highest level of quality to our customers.

In the manufacturing process, we handle extremely delicate components. For instance, the 125 micron glass in optical fiber needs to handled carefully to ensure long term reliability. Because producing such intricate products requires advanced technology and quality control, we strongly focus on manufacturing with the highest possible quality in mind.


We strive to be environmentally conscious and continuously work towards sustainable manufacturing.

Trained technicians, utilizing the latest technology, are involved in the production of our products. We also actively promote the employment of people with disabilities, thereby harnessing a diverse range of skills among our staff to contribute to societal development. Moreover, we are committed to environmental initiatives, and are working to reduce resource consumption as well as our environmental impact. From the manufacturing process to waste disposal, we strive for environmentally-friendly practices, while constantly aiming for sustainable manufacturing as we continue to take on new challenges.

Employee Interviews

In order to meet global demand and provide factory-grade high-quality Splice-On Connectors,
we make sure Lynx-CustomFit™ continues to evolve at the factory level.


We are committed to uncompromising quality and speed.
That is the essence of Lynx-CustomFit™.

With the desire to make society better through the spread of stable, high-speed optical fiber communication infrastructure, we meticulously focus on quality, ensuring that our Splice-On Connectors match the high quality of factory-manufactured optical fiber connectors. To meet global demand, we also aim to improve productivity down to the last second, all while maintaining a steadfast dedication to quality.

Simultaneous pursuit of both quality and increased productivity is no easy task. However, as a team, we come together, share our insights, and collaboratively work towards completing our products and sending them into the world. This lets us approach our manufacturing activities with a great sense of pride and accomplishment. Handling glass optical fibers requires meticulous work, but the real reward lies in the high-level skills we acquire in facing these challenges head on.

For example, in the process of verifying whether the end surface has been properly polished after connector polishing, I initially faced quite a challenge as the level of difficulty in doing this was high. However, now I can instantly identify defects, and as a result, my work speed has increased, and I can reach my target numbers. I find it fascinating and rewarding to be able to quantify the results of my efforts, all while contributing to the improvement of the factory's productivity.

Before 2019 Lynx-CustomFit™ was manufactured in a factory over 550 km away from here. I have been a staff member since then, and driven by my passion to work on this product, I made the decision to move my household so I could continue to work on this product at the new factory location. I continue to refine my skills at the current factory.


Exceptional quality is supported by the power of people.
Through collaboration with the production technology team, our manufacturing site continues to evolve.

Lynx-CustomFit™ is an extremely delicate product.
During the manufacturing process, the most challenging task is inserting the optical fiber into the accompanying component. Optical fibers are made of glass and are as thin as 125 microns, roughly the thickness of a human hair. Glass is very fragile, and even a slight amount of pressure or a small scratch can lead to it breaking easily.

Even after assembly, where we pay meticulous attention to every detail, we take extreme care during the final packaging process to inspect for the presence of tiny particles that could affect the fusion quality, as well as check for scratches or breaks under a microscope. Each step of the process is conducted with great precision and attention. Moreover, we strive for continuous improvement in quality, collaborating between the production technology team and the manufacturing department to implement various enhancements.

If there are tasks where defects are likely to occur, all workers brainstorm and experiment to identify potential problematic factors, and collaborate with the production technology team to improve the equipment. The manufacturing site continues to evolve to ensure zero defects and provide consistently high-quality products.


We want to deliver an even higher quality Lynx-CustomFit™ to people all around the world.

Each one of us is passionately involved in creating Lynx-CustomFit™.
It fills us with a sense of wonder and motivates us to create even better products and services, when we imagine that our products are being used by people all around the world to build optical fiber communication infrastructure. We are providing an essential element to their lives and work, which gives us a sense of pride and joy to be part of this process.

While each of us focuses on our individual tasks, we are constantly inspired by observing the work of our colleagues who are involved in the manufacturing stages previous and subsequent to our own. When facing challenges, experienced team members provide advice based on their expertise, and we collaborate as a team to discuss and find solutions. Even when producing over 1,000 units per day, everyone strives to improve and believes there is always more that can be done.

This is how the finished product is delivered to people around the world. We will continue to evolve together and deliver a high-quality Lynx-CustomFit™ to everyone, anywhere we can.

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