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Fusion Connection
Under the SeaThe Story

Connecting Optical Cables in the middle of the sea

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5,000 meters beneath the waves, a cable lies on the ocean floor.
This is 1 of many submarine fiber cables, which forms the backbone of the Internet. 9,000km separates Japan and the United States.
For a cable that enables communication between the 2 countries, it is surprisingly compact. The Internet and the technology supporting it is an indispensable part of our lives. The submarine fiber cable network supports 99% of all data transmissions.
In order to connect these fibers that are as thin as a strand of hair, nano-level precision is essential.
The connection must also remain intact for decades, even under the extreme conditions on the ocean floor.
There is only 1 machine in the world that is certified to carry out such complex work. The machine is Sumitomo Electric's submarine fusion splicer.

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