Solutions for Chip-level Interconnect

For 400G and beyond fiber optics will be required for chip level interconnects for chip to board and chip to chip communication. Sumitomo Electric has designed and manufactured interconnect products for more than 40 years, we are vertically integrated from ferrule to fiber to connector. We can solve your challenges for higher fiber optic interconnect density.

What we solve

  • Direct chip coupling

    FlexBeamGuidE™ can be custom fit to any Silicon Photonics chip. In addition SEI has field proven reliability with more than shipped more than 3.6 Million channels shipped.
  • Tight and small spaces

    Our small diameter fibers and pliable ribbon fibers enable customers to put optical cabling in tighter and smaller spaces than before. The highly flexible cables can bent with no loss penalty.
  • High fiber and connector count restricting ultra-high capacity transmission

    Multi-Core Fiber dramatically reduces fiber and connector count. Customers can replace bulky and hard to clean MPO with LC connectors, thus saving precious space on board, backplane and front panel. Less fiber and fewer, smaller connectors also improves thermal efficiency for the system.