Field Installable & Hardened Connector
Fiber optic SC plug for outdoor use

  • Just in length installation provided
  • Mechanical splicing type available /
    fusion splicing type under development
  • Meets IPx5/IPx8 water resistance
  • Composed of all plastic parts gives low cost
  • Customizing available to fit any receptacle
  • No specific tool is required for mechanical type

Which suits you better? Mechanical splicing vs Fusion splicing

Mechanical Splice Fusion Splice
( under development )
Insertion Loss < 0.6 dB < 0.3 dB
Reflection Loss ≥ 50 dB ≥ 60 dB
Time to terminate 2 min 5 min
Pros Take shorter to terminate Lower IL & RL

How easy to terminate

  • No special tool required (except a cleaver)
  • Finish a termination in a few minutes
  • Easy to work on the ladder /cat walk