Solutions for Board-level Fiber Optic Interconnect

For 400G and beyond, an innovative new fiber optic interconnection will be required for on-board and board to board interconnects. Sumitomo Electric has designed and manufactured interconnect products for more than 40 years, we are vertically integrated from ferrule to fiber to connector. We can solve your challenges for higher fiber optic interconnect density.

What we solve

  • Dust sensitivity & difficulty to remove Dust...

    FlexAirConnecT™ series are dust insensitive and cleaned only by Air-blowing.
  • High mating force of ganged connectors...

    8x ganged FlexAirConnecT™ requires only 4kg.
    (Regular 8x MPOs needs 18kg )
  • Higher loss & higher price than regular MPO connectors...

    FlexAirConnecT™ performance comparable to MPO connectors.
  • No compatibility with conventional MPO connectors...

    FlexAirConnecT™ series also offers MPO compatible solutions.
  • Traditional cabling takes up too much volume, is too rigid and less flexible

    Our Fiber Shuffle provides preset, high-density and flexible optical cabling.