Why Choose Sumitomo Electric ?

Optical fibre fusion splicing, which is essential for building optical fibre networks, is the technology to join two optical fibres using heat generated by electrical discharge from electrodes.

Sumitomo Electric achieves low-loss connection by utilizing its world-class mechatronics technologies.

An excellent
fusion splicer should have

  1. 01
    Low splicing loss
    0.01-0.02dB with high estimation accuracy.
  2. 02
    High Speed
    Fast splicing in several seconds and heating in 10+ seconds.
  3. 03
    Workable under dusty, rainy and high/low temperature conditions
  4. 04
    Easy to use & maintain/repair
    User friendly design and highly professional after sales service

Sumitomo Electric aims to provide “excellent fusion splicers” by “advanced splicing technology” and “world wide service centre network”.

Three advanced splicing technologies


Accurate “Eyesight”

Dedicated design for the best fusion splicing experience

The image capturing system in the fusion splicers consists of
2 pairs of “Microscope” and “CMOS image sensor”.

State-of-the-art image capturing system takes ultra-precise fibre images to analyze the core position, regardless of fibre type.
The main features are...

Feature 1


The optimally designed microscope has the best eye to observe the optical fibres.
The lens are specifically designed for fusion splicing, which we have been continuously improving for more than 30 years.

Feature 2

CMOS image sensors

High resolution CMOS image sensors precisely capture the image from the microscope lens.


Intelligent “Brain”

Only the true image processing algorithm enables the true “Core Alignment fusion splicer“

The captured image data is transferred to the CPU to analyze
the exact fibre dimensions and core position.

The true "Core Alignment Splicer" recognizes the exact position of the fibre core. The main feature is…


Image processing algorithm

The fusion splicer recognizes the fibres as 3-dimensional objects by processing two orthogonal fibre images. Intelligent real-time image processing algorithm is the key technology, which we have cultivated as the pioneer of fibre optic technologies.


Precise “Movement“

Realize ultra-precise core alignment for low loss splice

The fibres are aligned at sub-micron accuracy
based on the recognized core position.

High precision mechanism realizes ultra-precise core alignment for low loss splice.
The main feature is ...


High precision mechanism

Fine tuned V-grooves and micro movement mechanism realize core alignment at the sub-micron level.
Combined with the real time image processing, the world’s quickest and finest splice is achieved.

Worldwide after sales service network


Sumitomo Electric group

*companies which
supply fusion


Official Sales


Certified service

Sumitomo Electric sees it very important to provide professional after sales service to our valued customers.

Sumitomo Electric has its own service centre in 11 locations and also appoints certified service distributors in over 100 locations in 80 countries.
We continuously provide service training to maintain high level service capabilities and satisfy our customers.

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