Fusion Splicer Maintenance Application

Control centre of your fusion splicer.
Various function support you to keep the machine the best condition,
latest splicer software, data backup and remote maintenance.

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How to install

How to use

Trouble Shooting


  • Software update

    Keep your splicer updated.
    Latest splicer software makes the best machine condition.

  • Splicer settings

    The splice parameter setting and backup tool.

  • Splice data*

    The splice data viewer and backup tool.

  • Image history

    The splice image viewer and backup tool.

  • Monitor / PC operation*

    You can control the machine via PC.

*Available models are limited.

Download the powerful application for your best splicer experience.

Fusion Splicer Maintenance Application for Windows

To download the installer, enter the serial number* of your fusion splicer and click “Login”.

Serial Number

在您安装中文版应用程序之前,请先确保您的 PC 上安装了简体中文语言包。否则,安装将失败。
Before you install the application of Chinese version, please make sure Simplified Chinese language pack is installed on your PC. If not, the installation will fail.

Recommended system requirements
Operation System Windows10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
Processer Intel Pentium III 1.2GHz or faster
Memory 2GB or more
HDD Minimum 1GB of capacity (more than 1GB of hard disc space)
Network Ethernet (1Mbps or better)
Required item
A USB cable (2.0 mini-B type)