High Definition Core Aligning fusion splicer Advanced, Adept, Assured


  • Excellent

    0.01dB(Typical)Fully optimized dual independent ovens

  • High Environmental

    Proven field toughness

  • User Friendly

    Touch panel operation with brand-new UI

    Long-life battery for 300 splice & heat cycles

  • Compact, Lightweight & Faster

    • 2.2kg with battery for 300 splice & heat cycles
    • Faster 5s splice in SM Quick Mode
    • Reduced 9s heat shrink time
  • Dual ovens with flexible clamps

    • Independent
    • Fast-heating 9s
    • Productive
    • Programmable
    • User selectable clamp operation
  • High Environmental Durability

    • IPx2 water resistance
    • IP5x dust resistance
    • Splice at 50°C
    • Work at 6000m
    • 76cm drop on 5 faces
  • Brand-new touch panel and UI

    • Wide and high resolution touch panel -5" touch screen colour LCD display
    • Smartphone-like easy operation
  • Wireless LAN
    connectivity to

    • The world-first fusion splicer with Wireless LAN Connectivity
    • SumiCloud™ smartphone App. to support splicing job
    • WLSD card brings SumiCloud™ services to your splicer via our smartphone App.
  • Video Tutorial

    • Video tutorial to help splicing job
    • SumiCloud™ App. to watch tutorial video on smartphone


Accessories for splicer Accessories
Part name Part No. Part name Part No.

Wireless LAN SD card

fibre cleaver

Fibre holder

  • FH series
  • FHS-025
  • FHS-09
  • FHS-025/LB5
  • FHD-1
  • 1SM-ST
  • FHC-3

Fibre cleaver

Jacket remover

Battery pack

Loose tube

  • LTC-01

Battery charger

Alcohol dispenser

Car battery cable

Fibre protection sleeve

V-groove cleaning brush


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