Mass fusion splicer for up to 12 fibre ribbon
Industry only dual independent heaters and Auto Clamping Adjustment System "ACAS"


  • Two Independent Heaters for High Productivity

  • Touch Screen Control Panel

  • Durable & Rugged


  • Compact & Reliable High speed splicer

    • Ultra Fast splicing in approx. 14sec with (12-fibre ribbon) and fast heat shrinking of approx. 55sec (FPS-6 sleeves) with independent dual ovens (US patent 7,412,146)
    • Fully navigational touchscreen and intuitive GUI for user friendliness
    • Built in help videos play on the splicer display
    • Shock, water and dust resistance for use in harsh environments
    • Software updates and remote diagnosis via Internet


Accessories for splicer Accessories
Part name Part No. Part name Part No.

Fibre holder

Fibre cleaver

fibre cleaver

Battery pack

Jacket remover

AC adapter

Fibre protection sleeve

Car battery cable

Alcohol dispenser


V-groove cleaning brush

Battery charger

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