Elite active clad alignment
fusion splicer

The future of splicing
in your hands

01. Hassle free preparation

Start and finish quickly with the T-502S

Open & splice with ergonomic working tray

Compact and light

Reactive touch screen

Adaptive fiber clamps

02. Enhanced splice experience

High precision splicing and loss estimation


Eliminate extra work previously caused by poor cleave
World’s first fiber end analysis AI technology

Hot Core

Core position analysis during arc provides accurate estimated loss

Wide alignment range

Better tolerance of dust

Auto core identification

Simple operation with AUTO splice mode

03. Simplified splice management

Monitor work progress and quality in real time

One tap report generation

Create reports easily with the App

Preventive maintenance

Diagnoses splicers condition and instructs fixes as necessary

Splice data management
Remote lock


Excellent performance

Fundamental splicing

Fast splicing 6sec
Rapid heating time 12sec
Ample 250 splicing cycles with BU-17 * typical

High environmental durability

Enhanced toughness - 76cm 5 faces drop
Water resistant - IPx2 Built for real weather
Dust protection - IP5x Built for real field use


Accessories for splicer Accessories
Part name Part No. Part name Part No.

Fibre holder

Fibre cleaver

Battery pack

fibre cleaver

Battery charger

Jacket remover

Car battery cable

Loose tube

  • LTC-01

V-groove cleaning brush

Alcohol dispenser

  • ASB-17


Fibre protection sleeve

Work table

  • WT-17

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