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Whether it's wastewater treatment that combines biological treatment
with membrane filtering (MBR), or pure water treatment for drinking water,
Sumitomo’s membrane treatment experts can propose high-performance systems
that maximize the functions of the POREFLON membrane for water and wastewater treatment.
Sumitomo provide world-class membrane treatment facilities at reasonable prices, with complete service programs.

Features of the POREFLON Membrane Treatment System

  • Space saving
    Our facilities can treat wastewater with highly concentrated activated sludge using compact equipment.
  • Labor saving
    Settling tanks are not needed, eliminating the need for tank management, as well as expert knowledge and experience.
  • Water quality improvement
    Solid waste, E. coli, and other waste are thoroughly eliminated, allowing use as recycled, irrigation, or drinking water.
  • Quick turnaround and low cost
    New and enhanced treatment capabilities can be added quickly, without large-scale expansion.
  • Options
    Chemical cleaning units and aeration tanks can be added for custom designs.
  • Extensive product lineup
    The standard product lineup has units with processing capacity from 50 to 800 m³ per day.
  • Technical Service
    Our complete service system ensures reliable long-term use.

Flow of POREFLON Membrane Treatment System

We offer a package system that includes membrane modules for fresh water, irrigation water and wastewater treatment; pumps, blowers and other equipment; flow gauges, pressure gauges and other measuring equipment; and control panels to automatically control it all. This system can be connected to an existing water treatment facility to provide new and additional capacity, on short time frames and at low cost without large-scale expansion.

[Flow using submerged type]
Flowchart of a submerged-type POREFLON membrane filtration wastewater treatment system
[Flow using pressurized type]
Flowchart of a pressurized-type POREFLON membrane filtration wastewater treatment system

Operating Structure of POREFLON Membrane Treartment System (Membrane Bioreactor)

Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)

This wastewater treatment method combines a biological treatment process using activated sludge and a physical treatment process using membrane filtration. Organic matters in the raw water are decomposed by microorganisms in the activated sludge, and then the activated sludge is separated into waste and permeate using a membrane.

Conventional method (Standard activated sludge process)
Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)

POREFLON Membrane Processing System video

This video gives a basic introduction to the POREFLON Membrane Processing System, including the benefits of the system, various test results and the installation track record.

Specifications of the POREFLON Membrane Treatment System

Exterior diagram of POREFLON membrane processing system
Standard flow rate* (m³/day) 50 100 200 400 800
Membrane surface area (m²) 228 456 912 1824 3648
Membrane material   PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene)
Membrane pore size (μm) 0.1 μm
Dimensions*3 Width (m) 2.2 2.2 2.2 2.2 (Membrane tank) 2.2 / (Mechanical unit) 2.2
Length (m) 4.2 4.6 5.9 8.5 (Membrane tank) 11.4 / (Mechanical unit) 5
Height (m) 2.2 2.2 2.2 2.2 (Membrane tank) 2.2 / (Mechanical unit) 2.2
Power consumption (kWh) 2.5 4.2 7.6 11.6 24.0

*1, *2: The values are for reference only and may vary depending on the raw water quality.
*3: Dimensions when installed outdoors. Containerized type also available.
Above dimensions may vary depending on the actual installation location.

Technical Services

  • Remote monitoring system
    Sumitomo offers 24-hour remote monitoring of the operation and offer advice on optimal operational parameters on fee basis.
  • Periodic inspection
    Sumitomo performs periodic maintenance and inspections to ensure the system functions properly on fee basis.
  • Cleaning and replacement
    Sumitomo provides membrane cleaning and replacement when needed on fee basis.
  • Emergency malfunction response
    Sumitomo provides a quick response upon calls from customers in the event of any issues on fee basis.
Technical Service Chart
Item Customer responsibility Provided by Sumitomo Electric Remarks
Daily maintenance Water quality measurement (raw water and permeate quality)   The customer measures, records and manages the data.
Activated sludge management
 MLSS, DO, pH Measurement
 Paper filtration Measurement
 Water temperature
 Aeration status
  The customer measures, records and manages the data.
Sumitomo offers portable measurement equipment on fee basis.
Operation status monitoring
Flow rate, operating pressure, aeration rate
  Sumitomo prepares and installs all equipment.
Maintenance and inspection Water quality check   Sumitomo checks the records managed by the customer.
Activated sludge condition check   Sumitomo checks the records managed by the customer.
Adjustment of mechanical equipment operations    
Maintenance and inspection of operating equipment and measurement equipment    
Calibration of measurement equipment    
Facility overhaul    
Inspection record report    
Membrane Replacement Membrane cleaning    
Replacement of consumables and parts   Actual expenses are paid by the customer.
Replacement of membrane   Actual expenses are paid by customer.

*In the event of any issues, the customer is responsible for performing the initial investigation and taking action according to the operation manual.

POREFLON Membrane Treatment System
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