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These case studies highlight the advantages of POREFLON solutions,
including cost reduction, complying to strict regulations, and increasing the water flow rate.

Soybean product manufacturing company
  • Objective
  • Challenge
    Increase capacity
    from 160 ㎥/day to 400 ㎥/day
  • Results
    Increased capacity by using existing facility
    Improved discharged water quality
Location Wakayama Prefecture, Japan
Application Food products
Flow rate 400 ㎥/day
Background Increase water volume due to increased production
Electric wire manufacturing company
  • Objective
    Reuse wastewater
  • Challenge
    Reduce RO load
    Reduce operating cost
  • Results
    Reduced water and sewer costs
    Reduced operating cost
Location Shiga Prefecture, Japan
Application Metal processing
Flow rate 240 ㎥/day
Background Reuse wastewater to reduce the amount of water used
Automotive manufacturing company
  • Objective
    Reduce the amount of industrial waste(coolant fluid)
  • Challenge
    Reduce industrial waste
  • Results
    Reduced 90%(100→10)
Location Saitama Prefecture, Japan
Application Machining
Flow rate 2 ㎥/day
Background Reduce environmental load