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The history of Sumitomo Electric dates back more than 120 years. Back then, Japan was still heavily dependent on imports for cables and almost all other expensive items. To solve the country’s extremely severe situation, and contribute to realizing a rich, dream-inspiring future, we launched an electric wire business in 1897. Afterwards, we succeeded in the first domestic production of high-voltage underground cables and the production and installation of the world's longest submarine cables. We have thus played an important role in supporting the development of Japanese industries.
This long history has been underpinned by the Sumitomo Spirit, which has been passed down from generation to generation for more than 400 years. Sumitomo’s history, the origin of Sumitomo Electric, began with copper refining business. Since then, for more than 400 years, we have always strived to conduct business in harmony with society. Placing our basis on the Sumitomo Spirit, we will contribute to the development of Japan and the rest of the world, with our belief in the great potential of innovation.

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